pjf: Well-being = creative educated freedom

Books, music, videos, news: education for a creative life; independence from the corporate matrix.

The links below lead to all things creative, my interpretation of creativity being as broad-minded as possible (I hope); broad enough to include genuine science (and technology, of an environmentally-caring nature) and even the ultimate creativity - creating a valid individual life.

Corporate Matrix: corporatocracy, bad banks, debt, consumerism

Corporate Matrix: Corporate media pressure disables individual creativity.

books and documentary: educational fiction satire videos

books: fiction, satire, popular science, health, diet, psychology, sociology, economics, education, environment, physics, astronomy

Well-being: diet, exercise, education

Well-being: Empowering individuals to maintain and improve their health through well informed choices about food, exercise / recreation, productive / creative hobbies, popular science / nutrition

comic satire stories

Funny satirical allegorical short stories

Short Stories: funny, satire, meaningful, comedy; psychology, sociology, corporations

Allotment Gardening organic

Gardens: organic environment, photos, flowers

Gardening: renewable organic biosphere with soft fruit, tree fruit, vegetables and herbs. Wellbeing with free range/organic backyard chickens, fish, bees.

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