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pjf: Health and wellbeing, poems and songs, funny stories and fiction, photos of Nature, books and reviews, satire in books and stories

The link below lead to all things creative, the interpretation of creativity being as broad-minded as possible (I hope); broad enough to include genuine science (and technology, of an environmentally caring nature) and even the ultimate creativity - creating a valid individual life.

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Funny Satirical Short Stories
Fiction / Short Stories: funny, satire, meaningful, comedy; psychology, sociology, corporations

Paintings and Photos; nature, cartoons, satire
photos flowers gardens nature Cornwall trees, paintings cartoons. Bude, landscape, cottages, cliffs, blossom, Dartmoor, Bodmin Moor, valleys, rocks, butterflies

Poems, Songs: funny, satirical, meaningful poetry
poems of satire funny meaningful; corporations, sociology, psychology, life

Books and video: educational, fiction, satire and documentary
books: fiction, satire, popular science, health, diet, psychology, education, environment, physics, astronomy

Matrix: corporatocracy, badbanks, debt, consumerism
Corporate Matrix: Corporate media pressure versus individual creativity. Self-sufficency, educated self-reliance, productive freedom.

Music: music video, lyrics and news
Music: video, lyrics, female vocals, photos, meaningful songs of freedom and hope. Guitar, orchestral, classical, folk, jazz, improvised music

Wellbeing: diet, exercise, education
Wellbeing: Empowering individuals to maintain and improve their health through well informed choices about food, exercise / recreation, productive / creative hobbies, popular science / nutrition

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Helene Grimaud Ravel Piano Concerto In G
Helene Grimaud Ravel Piano Concerto In G This recording of Ravel was played on BBC Radio 3 this morning. The middle (slow) section is so sensitive I'm surprised the small orchestra don't melt. Don't let the sublime piano playing distract from the rest of the orchestra. A work of art. I hope Maurice Ravel can hear this performance from beyond ... Helene Grimaud Ravel Piano Concerto In G video ...

Pathological Wealth - and solutions
#pathologicalwealth - a hashtag that is overdue! A preamble to the video of Ethos Genesis Post-mechanisation,the production and distribution of basic needs is so simple that we should all be bored stiff. In fact, most people are too busy and exhausted due to the corrupting effects of #pathologicalwealth of the few, and disinterest on self-education by many of the poorest. The following ...

building a hen house
A hen house I made a couple of years ago. The raised floor is damp proof and rat proof, and it has done a good job. ...

partial eclipse of the moon
A partial eclipse of the moon, last year, in Bude, Cornwall ...

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#USA #corporatocracy needs shaking up. There are m...
#USA #corporatocracy needs shaking up. There are many promising signs, but the power of the #PathologicalWealth terrorists is a dreadful obstacle to democracy ... and our survival. ...

American voters are starting to wake up. At presen...
American voters are starting to wake up. At present two non establishment Presidential candidates ahead in the early primary. Neither of them has a chance in hell of becoming President but at least the career politicians are becoming frightened! ...

#henhouse #DIY !! Thanks Marty. I'll be making...
#henhouse #DIY !! Thanks Marty. I'll be making an indoor hen house before next winter, to save the poor hens from 2 inches of rain a day (really). ...

I believe I mentioned this in the past but your qu...
I believe I mentioned this in the past but your quality built hen house would sell for a few thousand dollars here in the States. You'd have a laugh if you could see the flimsy,tiny hen house kits that sell here for over $300. ...

#renewableenergy #windfarm plans in #UK
#renewableenergy #windfarm plans in #UK ...

#aurora in nearby constellation #NorthernLights ti...
#aurora in nearby constellation #NorthernLights times 1 million! ...

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