David Sylvian Manafon

David’s most recent work (not counting re-issues) he describes as developing from Blemish. Also from his work with Derek Bailey.

David Sylvian Manafon CD


There is an interview here with BBC radio presenter Fiona Talkington of Late Junction.

songs on the CD

1. “Small Metal Gods” 5:49
2. “The Rabbit Skinner” 4:41
3. “Random Acts of Senseless Violence” 7:06
4. “The Greatest Living Englishman” 10:55
5. “125 Spheres” 0:29
6. “Snow White In Appalachia” 6:35
7. “Emily Dickinson” 6:25
8. “The Department of Dead Letters” 2:25
9. “Manafon” 5:23
10. “Random Acts of Senseless Violence (Remixed by Dai Fujikura)”

Particularly pleasing to see a song dedicated to Emily Dickinson (tribute by Marty and I).

Small Metal Gods – David Sylvian Manafon video

David Sylvian – The Rabbit Skinner

The Rabbit Skinner – David Sylvian
MANAFON (2009) *my album of the year*
music: fennesz/mattos/parker/ryan/sylvian/tilbu­ry; lyrics: sylvian; piano: john tilbury; saxophone: evan parker; cello: marcio mattos; laptop guitar: christian fennesz; live signal processing: joel ryan; vocals, acoustic guitar: david sylvian

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  • pete  On December 17, 2010 at 4:42 pm

    BBC review (part) Above all, the album’s autobiographical bent describes a man who may seem wilfully puritanical and harsh, but whose methods yield immense beauty for the listener. The title track – based on the village where the poet RS Thomas lived – is an analogy for a figure with whom Sylvian indentifies when he describes him as “an insufferable individual” who is “upholding morals and values that even he struggles with when it comes to believing in their efficacy”.

    Manafon is a brave, disconcerting and terrible document. If only all so-called artists could display such courage.

  • admin  On February 2, 2011 at 9:17 pm

    b4 i 4get


    the best radio music prog ever now has a monthly podcast :)

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