The Eagle’s Throne – Carlos Fuentes

A fine book, set in the very near future. Due to a disagreement with the USA, Mexico finds itself without telecommunications, so people begin writing letters again!

The Eagle's Throne - Carlos Fuentes

This is a problem for hard hearted politicians, because they believe it is unwise to ever commit anything to writing. They like everything that other people say to be in writing, because that gives them power.

The principal characters are so obsessed with power that everything else takes a back seat – very often, no seat at all.

As the dialogue is always between two people, and very much one at a time, the character and motives of each are revealed, as are their preconceptions and suspicions.

Fate takes a hand and plans unravel. The final chapter is the stream of consciousness of the mentally disabled child that two politicians abandoned, in order to pursue their careers; and has more likeable qualities than all the politicians put together. Will they ever realise …


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