The Way Between – peace activism as fantasy story

The Middle Way, between fighting and fleeing …

The Way Between by Rivera Sun

Everybody loves a good story … and together, we bring them into the world!

 The Way Between blends fun, action, adventure, and fantasy while delivering an uplifting message of waging peace and active nonviolence for a new generation of readers.

 Join a creative team of Community Publishers in launching . . . The Way Between! Get a copy for yourself, a friend, the grandkids, the library or local school.

 Support the writing process for the sequel or the whole series. Welcome to the adventure!

 Between flight and fight lies a mysterious third path called the Way Between, and young shepherdess and orphan Ari Ara must master it . . . before war destroys everything she loves!

 She begins training as the apprentice of the great warrior Shulen, and enters a world of warriors and secrets, swords and magic, friendship and mystery.

 She uncovers forbidden prophecies, searches for the lost heir to two thrones, and chases the elusive forest-dwelling Fanten to unravel their hidden knowledge.

 Full of twists and turns and surprises, The Way Between is bound to carve out a niche on bookshelves everywhere!

 “The Way Between offers the younger generations – and the older ones – the values of peace and nonviolence, anti-bullying, compassion, inclusion and belonging.” – Rivera Sun


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