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Corporate Matrix: Corporate media pressure versus individual creativity. Self-sufficency, educated self-reliance, productive freedom.

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healthy diet and poverty
Unplugged from food corporations I've heard some alarming tales from friends who work with people trapped in poverty and debt. The worst cases, due to the tax and benefits nightmare orchestrated by successive governments, are all people working full-time. Usually, they are working so many hours that they find it difficult to make the best decisions about what to eat. Understandably, when

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butter is better - whole foods beat profitable processed pap
The food corporation adverts would have us believe that margarine is cheaper than butter, and you can't taste the difference! Well I can taste the difference, and decided to do some simple arithmetic to test the truth of their claims: Facts: Maragarine ingredients: 1. WATER 2. sunflower oil 26% 3. Palm oil 4. linseed oil 5. reconstituted milk 6. salt 7. emulsifier 8. lecithin 9. sodium

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Institutional Corruption Finance in US politics
Lawrence Lessig on Institutional Corruption—Finance, 10.23.14. Lecture 2 of 5.  In this second lecture of the 2014–2015 Randy L. and Melvin R. Berlin Family Lecture Series, Lawrence Lessig explores the ambiguities of “institutional corruption” in our financial system.  This is the second lecture in a five week series presented in the autumn of 2014 at the University of Chicago. tags: 

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corporate politics - presidential auctions
I was tempted to title this 'Corporate Democracy', but that would be such a glaring oxymoron. It is frustrating to witness the 'relatively' poor people of the world beating each other to death over whether to vote for Trump or Clinton in the 2nd $billion + US presidential auction. Both candidates are representing corporate interests, and a system that is in debt to a handful of

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A Guide for the Perplexed - corporate matrix v freedom
A work in progress. And as the goal is wholeness, let's hope that the work never completes ... Click on the image for full size Tags: corporations, freedom, matrix, wisdom

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eating disorder psychology triggered by fad diet
The ever-growing (and conflicting) 'expert' advice about what to eat, and what not to eat, is now creating problems for women in their 30s, 40s and beyond. In 18 years specialising in “body dissatisfaction” psychology, clinical psychologist Louise Adams has never seen as many women of all ages with food issues; food anxiety is at epidemic proportions, thanks to the ubiquitous influence of

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corporations greed targets Kunkletown water supply
Corporate giant Nestle is now attempting to exploit and bully the tiny town of Kunkletown, Pennsylvania. Please give your support to @STCA_Kunkletown on Twitter. An example of Nestle strategy and damage: Nestle Continues Stealing World’s Water During Drought. It was bad enough witnessing the boom in trailer park "investment" after the sub-prime mortgage fiasco left countless Americans

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A cartoon for the 'ME' generation
satire cartoon - selfie in coffin. Windows 10 ready, but you'll have to repay the licence every year, even though you're dead ... Corporations (corporate lawyers) run the world! When did we elect them????     copyright 2016     Marty Downs related: cartoons, corporations,  Social media, paintings,  satire

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Unplugged from the Corporate World
Short story - Unplugged from the Corporate World Nearly two years has passed since Paul exited the commercial world, his caravan on Ivor's farm is homely, his own plot of land providing most of what he eats, with surplus salads to sell, and Ivor, being a wise old bird with no paper qualifications realises it's time for the occasional chat with Paul to help the young fellow slow down a bit. "

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Bad advice is freely given
Tibestian Book of the Undead - part 4 (brainwashing, corporate/banking matrix, education, freedom, vampires ...) the diary (2nd edition) of a 360 year old vampire Oh for the days when I used to wander through the lanes on my annual migration from Turkey  to France, and back ... Peace and quiescence, familiar creaks from the caravan as my horse plods along, pausing at particularly lush

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sugar tax and corporations
Apparently, corporations are treated as 'individuals' - a ploy devised by corporate lawyers to gain the same protection by law as individuals are supposed to have. Like many laws, once it has been passed it is hard reverse, because the corporations are protected by that law from having it changed. In the news this week those people and institutions that want to save the vulnerable from life

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corporate empathy - Walmart
Walmart now owns the UK supermarket Asda, and has celebrated their entry to UK retail by removing the charity collection boxes and foodbank collection points from its store. There is an outcry from the generally empathic British public, demanding that Walmart at least pretends to care for the needy and the hungry, but I've got a better idea. Shop somewhere else. There are plenty of British

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Pathological Wealth - and solutions
#pathologicalwealth - a hashtag that is overdue! A preamble to the video of Ethos Genesis Post-mechanisation,the production and distribution of basic needs is so simple that we should all be bored stiff. In fact, most people are too busy and exhausted due to the corrupting effects of #pathologicalwealth of the few, and disinterest on self-education by many of the poorest. The following

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obscene wealth inequality
Several news reports today highlight the growing domination of wealth, power and economic/banking control by the few. The Oxfam plea:  "Oxfam calls on governments to take action to reverse this trend. It wants workers paid a living wage and the gap with executive rewards to be narrowed. It calls for an end to the gender pay gap, compensation for unpaid care and the promotion of equal land

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supermarket luxury lies
Recently I was in a 'super'market to buy food, and looking through the muesli, to see if any of it was fit to eat. A fellow customer praised the item I was looking at, and the packaging did paint a rosy picture: Raisin, almond and Honey muesli. I read the ingredients and the analysis (I.e. the small print), and here are the facts: Contents: oats 55%, sugar unspecified, but more than 9%

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The Last Kingdom - and beyond
The BBC drama The Last Kingdom is a fine story: The 'Teutonic' tribes from Denmark are a totally male dominated race and perpetually at war. The Christians in Wessex promise a better lot for women, and peace, but the state is already corrupted by the power of those with the most land. A meritocracy it certainly is not. Add the Roman model of political organisation and bureaucracy and we

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TalkTalk excel themselves
Having been the victims of a cyber attack, and having millions of customers' details at risk, TalkTalk broadband and phone company have thought it best to let the Chief Executive Officer, Dido Harding, write to their customers. This is the first line of his letter: We are writing to advise you of recent a cyber attack against TalkTalk. again? We are writing to advise you of recent a cyber

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The tragic consequences of corporate food and corporate media
My 600 lb Life Joe's Story - video Following Marty's comment on optimum-excercise-for-middle-age.html Television program TLC My 600lb Life Joe's Story. Joe Wexler who tipped the scales at the slot machine payout of 777 needs to lose weight. How do corporations contribute to this? corporations monopoly plan land and food forever major-health-diet-threat-to-us-citizens

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optimum excercise for middle age
optimum excercise for middle age Excercise increases arthritis in excess A US study of more than 200 people aged 45 to 55 and of "normal" weight found those doing the most exercise were the most likely to suffer knee damage.Running and jumping may also do more damage to cartilage and ligaments than swimming and cycling, researchers said. One arthritis charity said it was important to keep

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Parenting - 2015 in the UK
There was very distressing news in the Independent newspaper. Despite initiatives by government to provide pre-school classes and social workers, it seems more than half of the nation's five year old children begin school lacking the most basic skills.  For example being able to hold a pencil or communicate in comprehensible English. Poverty and cuts have been blamed, but how much does it

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Major health diet threat to US citizens
And to most of the western world! Imagine a terrorist plot to trick the Brazilian government (through bribes, promises and corporate/political trickery) into cutting down and burning the Amazon rainforests in order to graze cattle and trick the poor American people into eating high fat, high protein, very high sugar junk several times a day. Imagine spending billions of dollars each year on

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optimum nutrition and poverty
Very bad 'health' news from the poor districts in South Wales. Following on from our article on the 'superfoods' that aren't widely promoted by the food 'industry', here is very sad news that victims of such corporations believe that fresh fruit and vegetables are more expensive than junk food, fast food and convenience foods. Scurvy and rickets are both reappearing in children; deficiency

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Creativity, surveillance, stereotyping and more
A refreshing post on Huffington, well worth a read, and hopefully some argument (discussion)! It begins: In a world where many aspects of our daily lives are written or recorded and transmitted digitally, our raw thoughts and casual observations are increasingly open to scrutiny and vulnerable to interception.  Our behaviour is frequently documented, whether it is by government agencies,

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Corporate satire 1 - Yuppy executive under pressure
Chapter 1 Paul was eating a muffin from his left hand while combing his hair with his right. His girlfriend, Tiffany, was shouting at him to get the raise in salary he'd been promised by his boss, and demanding a more showy car; Saab or Mercedes, preferably. It was proving difficult to fend off her accusations, what with the clutter of other thoughts that had kept him awake most of the night …

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Individual freedom versus corporations
I asked my pal in Illinois why the area he lives is so sparsely populated and yet Chicago (the nearest very big city) is bursting at the seams: "They move to the city for jobs, but ... Even the city jobs are few. America isn't what the rest of the world envisions it to be any more. I just read an article recently which said Americans need to realize that the 'golden' age of America is over.

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electricity storage, corporations and death
Developing capacitors rather than batteries to store solar-generated electricity Nano capacitance from waste is cheaper than batteries for solar storage and electric vehicles. Who'd have thought the cigarette "industry", surely one of the most destructive ever devised (see below), could accidentally provide the raw materials, albeit in the form of litter, to produce cheap, lightweight

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Vanished Kingdoms - The History of Half-Forgotten Europe
by Norman Davies This book, together with Norman Davies' major work Europe: A History (to follow; 1365 pages!) and The Shortest History of Europe by John Hirst are a prelude to my attempt to see where we are now, and why (to follow). This is a fascinating "story" of 15 states, 13 of which most people probably have never heard. But the most condensed wisdom (for me) comes in the introduction and

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TTIP = corporate domination of governments
Imagine - there's a knock at your door and a group of shady characters show up with 100,000 pages of small print designed by corporate lawyers to further their interests. They ask you to sign it. You skim through the mountain of carefully orchestrated incomprehensible trickery and say "I fear we might one to make one or two amendments, if that's okay with you, sirs." What the hell is really

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pasty upgrade beats supermarket
A visitor contacted me with this question: "I often read about what is a good diet, but I can't resist buying pies and pasties in the supermarket. They do smell good. I'm three stone overweight (and rising) and it's causing problems." Reply: British supermarkets do sell good food (apparently other countries are not so good), but the top priority of their shareholders is profit. There is

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healthy diet versus corporate fast food advertising
Yesterday, there was a report published, based on a single study from the University of East Anglia, relating high protein diet to improved cardiovascular health. The World Health Authority was quoted in the report, which raises the interesting question: who funds them, and what are their interests in business and the stock markets? In the most recent report, WHO funding was 80% from voluntary

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Democracy and money
Part 1 of Lawrence Lessig on the role of money in American (western) "democracy" and politics. Lawrence Lessig on Institutional Corruption part1 Congress Talk begins at about 14 minutes:  Conclusions:  1. Those in power could care less who gets the votes, so long as they can choose the candidates. 2. Those in power, in the USA, spend upwards of 30% of their time in office conferring with

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Monsanto mission - monopoly, pollution, greed
biodiversity and small farmers beat Monsanto The endless propaganda from Monsanto is designed not to educate, but to distract from a very simple fact: Monsanto’s goal is not to solve world hunger. It’s to control the staple crops that feed the world by locking countries, farmers and food corporations into long-term contracts enforced by intellectual property law (GMO) and the use of their

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Monsanto Years-A Rock Star bucks a coffee shop
"A Rock Star Bucks A Coffee Shop" If you don't like to rock Starbucks A coffee shop Well you better change your station 'cause that ain't all that we got Yeah, I want a cup of coffee but I don't want a GMO I like to start my day off without helping Monsanto Monnnnnn-sannnnnn-toooooooo Let our farmers grow what they want to grow From the fields of Nebraska to the banks of the Ohio The

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Corporations monopoly plan: land and food - forever
A documentary video that highlights the real nature of corporate power, their love of monopoly, and utter disregard for people, the natural environment, and honesty. A Farmer Who Took on Monsanto video   Canadian Farmer Fights Monsanto video tags  corporations, documentary, environment, popular, reinventing slavery, video News: Trump meets with Bayer and Monsanto:

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Social media beats corporations advertising at supporting diet health
Social media beats corporate advertising at supporting a healthy diet Healthy diet requires ongoing affirmations and support to combat the onslaught of advertising from food corporations. Cheap ingredients in fancy presentation and packaging make more profit. Marty says - diet fads don't work. Many of them have people doing ridiculous things. Pete says - Some diets, and 'food facts' are

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Food, advertising and trying too hard for wellbeing
1. Fitness foods may give the false (subconscious?) impression that they are a substitute for exercise - hence making the purchasers less fit! http://bit.ly/1TbHG1B study author Jörg Königstorfer, chair of sport and health management at Technische Universität München in Germany. “Don’t rely on these misleading labels.” 2. Orthorexia nervosa, is emerging as a dangerous eating disorder.

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Superfoods don't advertise (wellbeing, nutrition v corporations)
Abstract: Evidence based dietary guidelines contrasted with corporate funded science and corporate funded advertising. It is a scientifically tested fact that - other factors such as exercise, genetics, habits being equal - people eating a diet rich in antioxidants suffer less from heart disease, diabetes, some cancers and the degenerative diseases associated with ageing. This has led to

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