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The Cranberries - Zombie terrorism as projection of internal conflict
It's a long while since Planet Earth's most depraved species invented terrorism. The history of terrorism is a controversial subject, since those accused of it inevitably think either they are maiming 'guilty' targets, or the opposition are the terrorists, or, of course, both. Following the post of Soprano Joyce DiDonato raising the emotional horrors of orchestrated violence with her music

consciousness, female vocals, guitar, hope, music, peace, projection, psychology, rock music, singing,

Ange Hardy folk singer songwriter multi-instrumentalist
Whilst homeless in Ireland Ange was given a guitar by a stranger - to improve her chances of being the price of bread. Now an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, she has plenty of 'material' to inspire her songs video Ange Hardy & Lukas Drinkwater - The Call / Daughters of Watchet / Caturn's Night From the 2016 release Findings by Ange Hardy & Lukas Drinkwater Ange Hardy (vocals, guitar,

female vocals, folk, guitar, music, photos, singing, whistle,

Nina Simone - I put a spell on you
To celebrate her 'lifetime award', due to be given next year video Nina Simone - I put a spell on you Lyrics I put a spell on you because you're mine You better stop the things that you do I ain't lyin', no, I ain't lyin' I just can't stand it babe The way you're always runnin' 'round I just can't stand it, the way you always put me down I put a spell on you because you're mine

female vocals, improvisation, jazz, music, singing, soul, video,

Danielle de Niese: Handel Arias
Soprano Danielle de Niese singing Handel and brief interview. Soprano Danielle de Niese showcases her Decca debut album 'Handel Arias' in this exclusive video performance and interview. Danielle de Niese singing one of my favourite operatic songs Danielle de Niese sings "Lascia ch'io pianga" from Handel's Rinaldo.  Compare to, or just plain enjoy, another sopranos interpretation of

female vocals, music, opera, singing, soprano, video,

Soprano Joyce DiDonato - War and Peace project
The lyric coloratura mezzo-soprano Joyce DiDonato is especially well known for her performances of Handel and Mozart. I was 'educated' about Joyce this past week (21st November) by an excellent program on Radio 3 hosted by Sean Rafferty. The good news is ... the program is still available on catch-up for a month. The program features live interview with Joyce DiDonato, and 3 recordings

female vocals, music, opera, popular, singing, soprano, video,

piano lessons free online part 2
Take no notice of 'part 3' (on Youtube)! This is the second video in the course:  complete free online learning to play the piano.  As ever, take your time and learn good habits from a pro, before you make a habit of doing whatever seems easiest!  Complete beginners might like to sit slightly left of middle C, but will gravitate towards middle C as they use the whole keyboard. Tags:

education, music, music lessons, piano, piano lessons, video,

rachmaninoff paganini Stephen Hough piano video music
Rachmaninov: Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini - BBC Proms 2013 (Stephen Hough : Piano )  With educational introduction featuring the pianist video - music and composer   Rachmaninov: Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini - BBC Proms 2013 (Stephen Hough : Piano ) Sakari Oramo: conductor (The BBC Symphony Orchestra's Chief Conductor ) Presenter: Katie Derham at the Royal Albert Hall - London

education, music, piano, video,

The people walking in darkness have seen a great light
Nicholas Merryweather, bass, sings "The people that walked in darkness I woke this morning with this going through my mind. It's surprising since it isn't exactly my regular fare! The sky is black, it is pouring with rain and threatens to do so all day, and despite allegations on BBC weather and the news media that this is summer, it is hard to believe. The UK have voted to abandon Europe

bass, Handel, hope, music, singing, video,

Abide With Me Kings College choir
Abide With Me with lyrics words by Henry Francis Lyte The Choir of King's College, Cambridge, with treble solo by Bruce Blyth. According to the traditional story given in the Remains, Henry Francis Lyte wrote it a few hours after conducting the final service at his church, which was probably 5 September 1847. tags: choral, hope, music, singing, spirit, video, lyrics

choral, hope, lyrics, music, singing, spirit, video,

Sunrise - "Daphnis & Chloe" - Ravel
Having been amazed by the middle section of Ravel's Piano Concerto In G, I had another surprise this morning on Radio 3. Ravel certainly had a knack for evoking images and feelings in music without words. embedding disabled, so follow the,link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PklZbyPUvM Live recording www.UNYouthOrchestra.org this is a "greed & fake free" project The United World

classical music, music, orchestra, Ravel, video,

learning piano #1
From the same tutor as learning the violin An introduction to the keys on the piano - the meaning of the octave. Alison has 40 lessons on YouTube for budding pianists. One a week would see you a reasonable pianist within a year! Related: education, music, music lessons, piano, piano lessons

education, music, music lessons, piano, piano lessons,

Violin - Lessons 5 - Learning the open string notes
This lesson introduces open string exercises with very basic (simple) sheet music. crochets (1 beat), quavers (1/2) and minims (2). As Alison says, it is a really good idea to form good habits, before you develop any bad ones! Related: music, music lessons, violin lessons #1, education, free lessons

education, free lessons, music, music lessons, violin lessons,

Veronika Eberle violin
Veronika Eberle (born 26 December 1988) is a German violinist. She is currently a BBC New Generation artists scheme member, and the proud borrower (!) of the "Dragonetti" Stradivarius (1700), on loan from the Nippon Music Foundation. Earlier this year they auctioned one of their Strads to raise money for the flood victims, and it sold for $9m (if memory serves) so I hope the insurance is solid :)

music, photos, Veronika Eberle, video, violin,

Mozart: Vesperae solennes de confessore
Johann Chrysostom Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756 - 1791). A live music recording of Mozart, featuring choral harmony and soloists. Soprano and mezzosoprano female vocalists; Tenor and bass (male). Vesperae solennes de confessore for soloists, chorus, & orchestra, K. 339: II. Confitebor (Psalm 111). • Santal Santon-Jeffery: soprano • Marianne Crebassa: mezzosoprano • Julian Behr:

choral, female vocals, harmony, Mozart, music, singing, soprano, video,

Stand Up - Jethro Tull
Tethro Tull vinyl LP featuring Ian Anderson - flute, Martin Barre - electric guitar, flute, Clive Bunker -drums and Glenn Cornick - bass guitar. 2 videos and a photo from their early days in rock music 1969 LP for sale. Fairly good condition. The sleeve has a few marks. Musicians on the Record Ian Anderson - flute, acoustic guitar, hammond organ, piano, mandolin, balalaika, mouth organ,

flute, guitar, Jethro Tull, music, rock music, video, vinyl LPs,

Carolyn Sampson - Bach "Falsche Welt, dir trau ich nicht"
Soprano Carolyn Sampson sings Bach. A live version would have been even better ... I'll see what I can do. Music video and photos of Carolyn Sampson and other sopranos / female vocalists are listed under music (generally) and female vocalists (specifically). Any suggestions ... please leave a comment.  BR Orch. & Chor & Andrea Marcon Choir and Symphony Orchestra of the BR under the direction

Bach, Carolyn Sampson, female vocals, music, photos, singing, soprano, spirit, video,

Meredith Monk and Vocal Ensemble
Before I forget - an interview with Meredith Monk : interview.mp3 her website: http://www.meredithmonk.org/ She was interviewed on BBC radio yesterday and described how, as a student mainly of dance and art, she was sitting at the piano one day and realised the voice was 'allowed' to try anything, and she never looked back! The interview linked above also describes some of this crucial

female vocals, harmony, music, singing,

Handel – Chi sprezzando il sommo bene Dmitri Hvorostovsky
Video with the vocal score, for fans of Handel :) Handel - Chi sprezzando il sommo bene  It's a treat to have a bass solo by Dmitri Hvorostovsky :) and more>  Netrebko and Hvorostovsky Live from Red Square, Moscow Anna Netrebko and Dimitri Hvorostovsky in Moscow:

Anna Netrebko, baritone, Dmitri Hvorostovsky, female vocals, music, opera, singing, soprano, video,

The Best of Italian Opera
Fair condition vinyl LP, but the LP sleeve shows its age ... 1. La Traviata, opera: Libiamo, libiamo 2. Rigoletto, opera: La donna è mobile 3. Il barbiere di Siviglia (The Barber of Seville), opera: Una voce poco fà 4. La bohème, opera: Che gelida manina 5. Rigoletto, opera: Gualtier maldé Caro nome 6. Il Trovatore, opera: Vedi! le fosche (Anvil Chorus) 7. Il Trovatore, opera: Il

classical music, Italy, music, opera, vinyl LPs,

And So It Goes - choral
A gorgeous version of the Billy Joel song. And So it Goes - Billy Joel, arr. Bob Chilcott video June 22, 2013 Concert Mesquite Arts Center Brad Olesen, tenor  and a 4 part a capella  

choral, harmony, lyrics, music, singing, video,

Helene Grimaud Ravel Piano Concerto In G
Helene Grimaud Ravel Piano Concerto In G This recording of Ravel was played on BBC Radio 3 this morning. The middle (slow) section is so sensitive I'm surprised the small orchestra don't melt. Don't let the sublime piano playing distract from the rest of the orchestra. A work of art. I hope Maurice Ravel can hear this performance from beyond ... Helene Grimaud Ravel Piano Concerto In G

Helene Grimaud, music, orchestra, piano, Ravel, video,

Dvorak, New World Symphony
I heard this morning that Dvorak was inspired by the native Indians' music, whilst visiting the USA. Now I know why the New World symphony occasionally reminds me of Samuel Coleridge-Taylor's Hiyawatha's Wedding feast (my second ever experience of singing in a choir, if memory serves ...). In places there is a mystical sense of surveying a pristine New World in all its natural perfection.

classical music, Dvorak, landscape, music, orchestra, symphony, video,

Benedetti, Grimaud, Whitacre - music news Nov 2012
The 2012 Tartan Clef Awards (I mislaid this post at the time - better late than never!) in Scotland included an award for Nicola Benedetti: Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy in Scotland’s Special Recognition Award supported by Glasgow City Council – Nicola Benedetti November 17th 2012 Helene Grimaud has begun recording sessions this week of Brahms’ Piano Concerto no.2 with the

classical music, Eric Whitacre, Helene Grimaud, music, Nicola Benedetti, photos, singing,

Metamorphosis – Iron Butterfly
Metamorphosis - Iron Butterfly Record in good condition, cover fair. 1. "Free Flight" – 0:50 2. "New Day" – 3:20 3. "Shady Lady" – 3:55 4. "Best Years of Our Lives" – 3:59 5. "Slower Than Guns" – 3:49 6. "Stone Believer" – 4:25 7. "Soldier in Our Town" – 3:22 8. "Easy Rider (Let the Wind Pay the Way)" – 3:06 9. "Butterfly Bleu" – 13:57 IRON BUTTERFLY Soldier In Our Town video

guitar, Iron Butterfly, metamorphosis, music, rock music, video,

Sting Jo Lawry live in Berlin
A CD/ DVD combo of Sting's 2010 performance in Berlin. The ratings (Amazon) and reviews (all over the web) are as 5 star as ever. Not just for Sting but for his line up of fellow musicians, and orchestra too for this tour (The Royal Philharmonic). Sting's core group, consisting of Ira Coleman (bass), David Cossin and Rhani Krija (percussion), the ever present Dominic Miller (guitar) and

female vocals, guitar, Jo Lawry, lyrics, music, popular, singing, Sting, video,


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