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Paintings / Photos: grass carp farming

I've always liked pasture, especially with real, native, mixed species hedgerows and the occasional mature native tree in the field. There's lots of beef and sheep farming hereabouts (North Cornwall), which is fine, but: a. In an overpopulated world, 500 lbs of of meat per acre every other year seems a small crop; b. Small farms are failing, because the profit per acre is miniscule with large tags:
agriculture, books, carp, Cornwall, fish, food, gardens, grass carp, photos, popular, self-sufficiency,

Paintings / Photos: Ange Hardy folk singer songwriter multi-instrumentalist

Whilst homeless in Ireland Ange was given a guitar by a stranger - to improve her chances of being the price of bread. Now an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, she has plenty of 'material' to inspire her songs video Ange Hardy & Lukas Drinkwater - The Call / Daughters of Watchet / Caturn's Night From the 2016 release Findings by Ange Hardy & Lukas Drinkwater Ange Hardy (vocals, guitar, tags:
female vocals, folk, guitar, music, photos, singing, whistle,

Paintings / Photos: allotments landscape Cornwall

It makes a change from photos of flowers and food: this is the landscape from the top of the site. Many of the allotments are organic. Most appealing feature (for me) is the diversity. It's amazing how inventive people are when they have the opportunity (in this case, access to land). Related: allotments, Cornwall, landscape, photos, organic, gardens tags:
allotments, Cornwall, gardens, landscape, organic, photos,

Paintings / Photos: biodiversity photograph prizes

Photographs taken in Ireland that won prizes in a recent exhibition: biodiversity Starlings bathing (1st prize) The photograph entitled “Riverdance” shows a group of starlings at the edge of the Corrib, outside Claddagh Hall in Galway on one of the hottest days in May. biodiversity - Fox with reflection in water Second prize in the competition was won by Christopher Howes for his tags:
biodiversity, birds, foxes, nature, photos, wildlife,

Paintings / Photos: Gawd is busy (in our image) cartoon

Copyright 2016    Marty Downs tags comical, paintings, satire, miscellany 1 Satire - the events that suddenly provoke prayer in the previously pagan ... tags:
cartoons, miscellany 1, paintings, satire,

Paintings / Photos: Horrors! Another warped cartoon by Marty Downs

Copyright 2016    Marty Downs tags: cartoons, paintings, satire, miscellany 1 tags:
cartoons, miscellany 1, paintings, satire,

Paintings / Photos: Kowlijke selfie

Kowlijke Clouds, star of several stories, has been kind enough to send in a cartoon selfie from her mobile phone. With a voice like hers, a phone isn't really necessary (except for international calls) but thanks anyway. Recent posts: caffeine, salt and sugar & learning piano #1 GMO cartoon & what NOT to eat for health Renewable Energy success & biodiversity photograph tags:
cartoons, paintings, satire,

Paintings / Photos: biodiversity and organic farming combats drought in Thailand

A joined-up-thinking (and feeling) approach to food production has produced signs of hope in Thailand. Rather than leaving food production and the survival of life on Earth to mutants with calculators and profit and loss obsessions, a small group that turned its back on industrial farming and monocultures has been able to weather the storm surprisingly well - by focusing on organic farming and tags:
agriculture, biodiversity, food, landscape, organic, photos, Thailand,

Paintings / Photos: Cornish footpath on midsummer's day

Try not to laugh ... Even with Wellington boots, it was tricky. My dog was not amused ... tags:  climate change, Cornwall, photos tags:
climate change, Cornwall, photos,

Paintings / Photos: organic veg with comfrey compost

The compost experiment I described earlier has been successful, apparently. These are the crops , photographed on 26th May, a few weeks after the very cold weather abated. I'll take more photos today (8th June) to add later. The potatoes are Duke of York. I dug the first root yesterday and the crop is good quality and very tasty. They'd be a lot bigger if I waited, but patience is on vacation tags:
comfrey, compost, gardens, organic, photos, self-sufficiency,

Paintings / Photos: A cartoon for the 'ME' generation

satire cartoon - selfie in coffin. Windows 10 ready, but you'll have to repay the licence every year, even though you're dead ... Corporations (corporate lawyers) run the world! When did we elect them????     copyright 2016     Marty Downs related: cartoons, corporations,  Social media, paintings,  satire tags:
cartoons, corporations, digital arts, Microsoft, miscellany 1, paintings, satire, Social media,

Paintings / Photos: GMO cartoon

GMO takeover cartoon Copyright 2016 Marty Downs recent posts: caffeine, salt and sugar & learning piano #1 GMO cartoon & what NOT to eat for health Renewable Energy success & biodiversity photograph prizes tags:
cartoons, GMO, miscellany 1, paintings, satire,

Paintings / Photos: social media satire cartoon

Life isn't worth living without social media acceptance... related: cartoons, paintings, satire, Social media, miscellany 1 tags:
cartoons, miscellany 1, paintings, satire, Social media,

Paintings / Photos: Of Mice and Men cartoon

Copyright 2016  Marty Downs Beer and a TV remote control...the ultimate MAN bait. Cartoon satire stories cartoons, paintings, miscellany 1   tags:
art, cartoons, miscellany 1, paintings, satire,

Paintings / Photos: Veronika Eberle violin

Veronika Eberle (born 26 December 1988) is a German violinist. She is currently a BBC New Generation artists scheme member, and the proud borrower (!) of the "Dragonetti" Stradivarius (1700), on loan from the Nippon Music Foundation. Earlier this year they auctioned one of their Strads to raise money for the flood victims, and it sold for $9m (if memory serves) so I hope the insurance is solid :) tags:
music, photos, Veronika Eberle, video, violin,

Paintings / Photos: images to define my project

the whole!! more of the whole!! poems short stories Music Books corporate / banking matrix Environment wellbeing diet alt="nutrition / education for best diet on a budget" exercise self sufficiency tags:
admin, internet, miscellany 1, photos, publishing,

Paintings / Photos: Carolyn Sampson - Bach "Falsche Welt, dir trau ich nicht"

Soprano Carolyn Sampson sings Bach. A live version would have been even better ... I'll see what I can do. Music video and photos of Carolyn Sampson and other sopranos / female vocalists are listed under music (generally) and female vocalists (specifically). Any suggestions ... please leave a comment.  BR Orch. & Chor & Andrea Marcon Choir and Symphony Orchestra of the BR under the direction tags:
Bach, Carolyn Sampson, female vocals, music, photos, singing, soprano, spirit, video,

Paintings / Photos: surreal landscape using linotype

A truly amazing other world, conjured using linotype: paintings prints and more lino-printing experimenting Copyright Vivien Blackburn Related: creativity, experimental art, landscape, linotype, miscellany 1, paintings tags:
creativity, experimental art, landscape, linotype, miscellany 1, paintings,

Paintings / Photos: building a robust hen house on a budget

A hen house I made a couple of years ago. The raised floor is damp proof and rat proof, and it has done a good job.  The uprights are 2" x 2", 6" x 1" boards for the floor and base, 2" x 1" for everything else. The timber is tanalised, except the floor which was recycled (found in a skip!). I used plywood for the roof, covered in felt, but coated in bitumen first. related: chickens, DIY, tags:
chickens, creativity, DIY, photos, poultry, self-sufficiency,

Paintings / Photos: partial eclipse of the moon

A partial eclipse of the moon, last year, in Bude, Cornwall Nature photography meets physics, in Cornwall. tags:
astronomy, Bude, Cornwall, photos, physics,

Paintings / Photos: Benedetti, Grimaud, Whitacre - music news Nov 2012

The 2012 Tartan Clef Awards (I mislaid this post at the time - better late than never!) in Scotland included an award for Nicola Benedetti: Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy in Scotland’s Special Recognition Award supported by Glasgow City Council – Nicola Benedetti November 17th 2012 Helene Grimaud has begun recording sessions this week of Brahms’ Piano Concerto no.2 with the tags:
classical music, Eric Whitacre, Helene Grimaud, music, Nicola Benedetti, photos, singing,

Paintings / Photos: Where bottled water really comes from....

  copyright 2016  Marty Downs   Americans love their bottled water. It seems that they can't go anywhere without a bottle in their hand...and of course, in the other hand a smart (dumb) phone.  A satire of modern American materialism ... even when the product contains NOTHING ! Related: cartoons, consumerism, paintings, satire, miscellany 1 tags:
cartoons, consumerism, miscellany 1, paintings, satire,

Paintings / Photos: Solar power inverters - efficiency and self-reliance

Tata, the car manufacturer (and more) and one of the first to make a budget electric car, now has an offshoot called Tata Power Solar. It is releasing a solar PV unit that stores electricity from PhotoVoltaic panels in batteries to power an inverter (to mains AC) to replace the domestic mains when there is a power cut. This is designed for helping customers in remote and poor areas where tags:
environment, photos, photovoltaic, renewable energy, solar,

Paintings / Photos: Motorcycles are fun but.....

A cartoon I did concerning the perils of motorcycle riding...... I call it..The Circle of Life...                  Copyright 2016 Marty Downs tags:
cartoons, digital arts, humour, paintings, satire,

Paintings / Photos: tree frog squats in bird box

A tree frog moved into my wren house. He's enjoying the view from the front porch.  The Wren house is a hollow plastic ball that I drilled a 1 1/4 inch entry hole and drainage holes. I've tried wood Wren houses but Sparrows always peck at the entry hole until it's big enough for them to fit in....the Wrens are chased away. The plastic ball has worked. A Wren couple moved in last Spring. tags:
conservation, environment, frogs, nature, photos,

Paintings / Photos: Maria Callas A Musical Biography

by Robert Levine. A biography of Maria Callas, operatic soprano with over 100 black and white photos and 240 pages. "Her voice was controversial; there were those who had negative visceral reactions to it, finding it ugly and weird. Millions of others worshiped it - and her. Listening to her now, more than 30 years after her early death at 54, there is no real argument: listen for tags:
biography, books, Maria Callas, music, photos, singing, soprano,

Paintings / Photos: Li-air batteries - electric car prospects

With environmentally friendly fans of electric cars bouyed by the performance of Li-Ion batteries and the increasing installation of PV (photo-voltaic) cells on residential roofs and industrial premises, the outlook is now even brighter with the advent of Li-air batteries. BMW i3 2013 electric car The new BMW i3 claiming a 100 mile range is due to go on sale in September 2013. BMW predicts tags:
electric vehicles, environment, photos, renewable energy, solar, solar storage,

Paintings / Photos: Solar PV progress

The Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy has published a report on the problems of merging large scale PV (photovoltaic) solar energy generation with existing AC (alternating current) distribution systems (like to your home and businesses). Dependence on PV to a large extent causes problems associated with daylight being limited, which is easy to manage (other sources of energy are timed tags:
environment, photos, photovoltaic, renewable energy, solar,

Paintings / Photos: cartoons paintings art, Claude Serre

"Stuffing !" classic (and rather gross) cartoons from Claude Serre Typical Serre images: The Fat Massage The Caveman In good condition, from 1982. tags:
art, cartoons, Claude Serre, paintings, satire,

Paintings / Photos: DVD, Kiefer Sutherland, Leslie Hope, Elisha Cuthbert, Sarah Clarke, film, thrillers

Recently I was lent the first season of 24 Hours on DVD. It is an interesting idea to portray a story in real time, though an unrealistic amount of action, trauma and politics is packed into 24 hours - that starts at the END of most characters working day - and no-one falls asleep at their desk, or while driving their car! It's a shame there has to be so much violence and suspicion, and every tags:
books, dvd, fiction, film, photos, thrillers,

Paintings / Photos: organics, soul and planet

On (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/8174482.stm) the news  there is a report that organic foods show no benefit to the consumers compared what they call 'normal' foods. By "normal", they mean artificially fertilised, pest controlled etc. It seems typical of this fragmented age that the report doesn't even mention the planet or the human psyche and soul.  The organic movement started to tags:
biodiversity, Earth, gardens, organic, photos, soil, soul, wildlife,

Paintings / Photos: William Dalrymple - From the Holy Mountain

Subtitled 'A journey in the shadow of Byzantium', makes for interesting travel/adventure reading, and there are excellent photos. Given the subject matter, I'm surprised there is little about the psychology of religion, since the tales of misery that William unearths are all about the psychological experience of the 'divine' (broadly speaking) and the appalling mess that institutionalised belief tags:
books, institutional mind, photos, religion, spirit,

Paintings / Photos: Electric car charging in Manchester

Manchester UK now has 250 electric car recharging points. The charging facilities are free, at the moment, in a drive to get more commuters committed to buying an electric vehicle or converting an existing one. The chairperson of the TfGM (Transport for Greater Manchester) committee, Councillor Andrew Fender, said once users were paying for the service, they expected a full recharge would tags:
electric vehicles, environment, photos, renewable energy,

Paintings / Photos: Max Bruch - Kol Nidrei video

Kol Nidre (All Vows) is the traditional music played on the eve of the holiest Jewish holiday, Yom Kippur. This piece features Jacqueline du Pré (cello), Gerald Moore (piano), Ray Jesson (organ),Osian Ellis (harp), and John Williams (guitar). The writings, visual arts, and photography in this presentation are the creations of Matthew Schwartz. Bruch completed the composition in Liverpool tags:
Max Bruch, music, photos, spiritual music, video,

Paintings / Photos: Maria Callas: The Scala Years

A biography of Maria Callas covering her time with La Scala opera, by Vittoria Crespi Morbio.  Imprint: Umberto Allemandi & Co; 160 pages with 94 black and white photos and 48 in colour.  ISBN 10: 8842215600  Publisher: Umberto Allemandi & Co  Publication Date: 15/02/2008  Maria Callas (1923-1977) sang on the stage of La Scala for thirteen years. She made her debute in 1950 with Verdi's " tags:
biography, books, female vocals, Maria Callas, music, opera, photos, singing, soprano,

Paintings / Photos: Solar farms in Egypt

Annual Solar Energy input to Earth With an average level of solar radiation between 2,000 to 3,200 kWh per square metre a year, Egypt has significant potential for solar energy. To date, however, uptake of solar projects has been slow because of high capital costs, but the country has recently moved to expand its solar capacity. 3,000 kWh over 365 days would power a well-designed, energy tags:
Egypt, environment, featured, photos, renewable energy, solar, solar storage, sustainability,

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Eroding cliffs
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Tidna Valley Morwenstowe
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cottages in Boscastle valley
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Slate roof, Boscastle
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The Path to Lydford Gorge
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Battle of Stamford Hill photos
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mixed media painting of fantasy aliens
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King Arthur cartoon
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photos of November 2010 freeze in Devon and Cornwall
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Application of Evil in Sound Investment Strategy
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Fantasy painting hermits cave
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photos of horses (and sheep) in Cornwall

Roughtor, Bodmin Moor, photos
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Cornish landscape with sheep - nature photography
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Growing watercress at home
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mixed border flowers are weeds
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Dragon and Serpent Paintings
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Comic art - mad aristocrat
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fox video and photo
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Crabapple blossom
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Horse Chestnut tree and blossom
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November 2011 nature videos
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Cameldung - King Arthur's Seat
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Annual Garden Flowers
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