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Apparent offset of the winter solstice

Apparent offset of the winter solstice. There are many posts about this on the Internet, but a. Many are confusing, complex or both; b. Many people who haven't a clue still hurl derision at those who have; Hence this brief and simple depiction: Although the winter solstice is within a day or two of the shortest day (amount of daylight), the darkest morning is around December the 10th, and

blues, conservation, daybreak, mathematics, physics, popular science, winter,

Wildlife Medical Clinic first bald eagle - Illinois River near Peoria

Wildlife Medical Clinic welcomes its first bald #eagle.  Illinois River near Peoria  http://dailyillini.com/features/2016/09/12/wildlife-medical-clinic-welcomes-first-bald-eagle/  tweet from this mornings news. Related: birds, conservation, eagle, wildlife

birds, conservation, eagle, wildlife,

Bees: Zika insecticide threat, harvesting mason bees cocoons & pollinator garden plans

Bees: Zika insecticide threat, harvesting mason bees cocoons & pollinator garden plans 1. A recent aerial spraying of mosquito repellent, meant to keep the Zika virus at bay, has left millions of bees dead in South Carolina — and many professional bee keepers in devastation. zika insecticide threatens bees 2. On October 8 at 10 a.m., Billie Bevers, Washington State University Master

bees, biodiversity, conservation, gardens,

Build a bird box for native bird conservation

How to make a birdbox An experienced woodworker shows how to build your own smart bird box. birdbox design to benefit wildlife Sussex (UK) Wildlife Trust member, Laura Brook, explains the pros and cons of different bird box designs and materials for several wild bird species. tags: biodiversity, conservation, DIY, environment, gardens, video, wildlife

biodiversity, conservation, DIY, environment, gardens, video, wildlife,

tree frog squats in bird box

A tree frog moved into my wren house. He's enjoying the view from the front porch.  The Wren house is a hollow plastic ball that I drilled a 1 1/4 inch entry hole and drainage holes. I've tried wood Wren houses but Sparrows always peck at the entry hole until it's big enough for them to fit in....the Wrens are chased away. The plastic ball has worked. A Wren couple moved in last Spring.

conservation, environment, frogs, nature, photos,

coral reef destruction, sand lizard revival

Climate change and coral reef destruction Current climate targets are not enough to save the world's coral reefs - and policymakers urgently need to consider the economic benefits they bring. Those are two of the conclusions from a UN-backed project aiming to quantify the financial costs of damaging nature. “ There's evidence that current levels of CO2 are already causing damage to reefs

biodiversity, climate change, conservation, coral reefs, environment, gardens, lizards, popular science, wildlife,

250 year pear tree in Cubbington blocks new rail line

About three miles from my first home (many years ago!) a 250 year old Pear tree has been voted England’s Tree of the Year for 2015. Hopefully this will 'derail' plans to build another high speed rail route through Warwickshire - it already has plenty. The Cubbington Pear tree Standing at the top of a hill near South Cubbington Wood, it is on the proposed phase 1 route of the HS2 line from

conservation, environment, photos, transport, trees,

Hélène Grimaud piano and wolves

Yesterday, St Cecilia's Day (the patron saint of Music!) I discovered Hélène Grimaud, the French pianist. Not only is she an amazingly energetic pianist (is energetic the best word!?) but she has founded her own nature reserve - a wolf sanctuary in Upper New York State. She is known for her passion for wolves, which she studies and raises. She now divides her time between her musical career

classical music, conservation, Helene Grimaud, music, photos, piano, wolves,

Globe skimmer dragonflies

A biologist in the Maldives claims to have discovered the longest migration of any insect: the dragonfly.  <!-- E SF -->Biologist Charles Anderson has recorded dragonflies travelling between India and Africa.  Most of the dragonflies recorded by the biologists are Globe skimmers (Pantala flavescens). the full report was published in the Journal of Tropical Ecology. It is pleasing to note

biodiversity, conservation, dragonfly, environment, photos,


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