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Consumerism. A shallow religion founded on projection and illusion.

Themes related to Consumerism include advertising, debt and the Corporate Matrix.

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View from the hill

Today,as I gazed down at the town from my hilltop, I saw a “man” who had inherited about £120,000 several years ago, and, rather than buy his council flat, he’d blown all the money on foreign holidays (which he couldn’t recall, due to the vast intake of alcohol) and wanted to stay as he always … Continue reading View from the hill The post View from the hill appeared first on pjf.

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Broke and Free

For hundreds of years the landed ‘nobles’ of Europe stole the produce of their serfs (slaves) and stole land from each other using the ‘patriotic’ curse to propel their slaves into war: millions of deadmillions of widowsmillions of widowersmillions of orphansmillions of sufferers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and worse … much worse , and … Continue reading Broke and Free The post Broke and Free appeared first on pjf.

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hashtag needed non corporate social media

The very wealthy want ordinary people on zero-hours contracts, mindless, weary, drugged, consumers, in debt and paying them rent for “life” (if you can call it that). They want addicts of corporate “entertainment” and news. Clearly we need to be noncompliant, but what phrase, better still, what hashtag best describes this? #unplugged is no use, … Continue reading hashtag needed non corporate social media The post hashtag needed non corporate social media appeared first on pjf.

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Where bottled water really comes from….

  copyright 2016  Marty Downs   Americans love their bottled water. It seems that they can’t go anywhere without a bottle in their hand…and of course, in the other hand a smart (dumb) phone.  A satire of modern American materialism … even when the product contains NOTHING ! Related: cartoons, consumerism, paintings, satire, miscellany 1 The post Where bottled water really comes from…. appeared first on pjf.

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obscene wealth inequality

Several news reports today highlight the growing domination of wealth, power and economic/banking control by the few. The Oxfam plea: “Oxfam calls on governments to take action to reverse this trend. It wants workers paid a living wage and the gap with executive rewards to be narrowed. It calls for an end to the gender pay … Continue reading obscene wealth inequality The post obscene wealth inequality appeared first on pjf.

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consumerism, happiness and creativity

Consumerism never made anyone happy.  Look at the faces (and bad manners) in any supermarket and you’ll see.  In contrast, making or mending anything always produces satisfaction – try it 🙂  thought for the day:-  there’s lizards, there’s snakes  and corporate greed  the hoardings instruct me  ‘want more than you need’ no thanks … (tags: … Continue reading consumerism, happiness and creativity The post consumerism, happiness and creativity appeared first on pjf.

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Corporate satire 1 – Yuppy executive under pressure

Chapter 1 Paul was eating a muffin from his left hand while combing his hair with his right. His girlfriend, Tiffany, was shouting at him to get the raise in salary he’d been promised by his boss, and demanding a more showy car; Saab or Mercedes, preferably. It was proving difficult to fend off her … Continue reading Corporate satire 1 – Yuppy executive under pressure The post Corporate satire 1 – Yuppy executive under pressure appeared first on pjf.

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computerised cars and alienation

I’ve lost count of the number of people I know who have bought a new car, polished it daily for a few months, then began to lose interest. Things get even worse when such cars, less than a year old, start to develop baffling symptoms, and limp home at low speed with warning symbols on … Continue reading computerised cars and alienation The post computerised cars and alienation appeared first on pjf.

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