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Themes related to harmony include music, singing.

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The Way Between - peace activism as fantasy story

The Middle Way, between fighting and fleeing ... The Way Between by Rivera Sun Everybody loves a good story ... and together, we bring them into the world!  The Way Between blends fun, action, adventure, and fantasy while delivering an uplifting message of waging peace and active nonviolence for a new generation of readers.  Join a creative team of Community Publishers in launching . .

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Mozart: Vesperae solennes de confessore

Johann Chrysostom Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756 - 1791). A live music recording of Mozart, featuring choral harmony and soloists. Soprano and mezzosoprano female vocalists; Tenor and bass (male). Vesperae solennes de confessore for soloists, chorus, & orchestra, K. 339: II. Confitebor (Psalm 111). • Santal Santon-Jeffery: soprano • Marianne Crebassa: mezzosoprano • Julian Behr:

choral, female vocals, harmony, Mozart, music, singing, soprano, video,

Meredith Monk and Vocal Ensemble

Before I forget - an interview with Meredith Monk : interview.mp3 her website: http://www.meredithmonk.org/ She was interviewed on BBC radio yesterday and described how, as a student mainly of dance and art, she was sitting at the piano one day and realised the voice was 'allowed' to try anything, and she never looked back! The interview linked above also describes some of this crucial

female vocals, harmony, music, singing,

And So It Goes - choral

A gorgeous version of the Billy Joel song. And So it Goes - Billy Joel, arr. Bob Chilcott video June 22, 2013 Concert Mesquite Arts Center Brad Olesen, tenor  and a 4 part a capella  

choral, harmony, lyrics, music, singing, video,

Thomas Morley - April is in my mistress' face

A video of the famous madrigal Artist: The Douglas Frank Chorale Composer: Thomas Morley (c.1557-1602) Soprano: Sara Botkin, Melissa Raymond, Cynthia Shaw Alto: Grace Check, Ariane Reinhart Tenor: Thom Baker, Marcos Vigil Bass: Steve Friedman, Gregg Lauterbach, Mark Sullivan 'Now is the Month of Maying' by the same composer soon ... :) The same song with vocal score

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