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the institutional mind

penetrating the institutional mind: Science, education and common knowledge burdened with preconceptions.

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psychology, consciousness, ego in very young children

As I often say - Nothing can penetrate the institutional mind, more specifically, its preconceptions. Fortunately, psychology scientists have decided to test the assumption that pre-school children are very bad at hiding because they they are egocentric - they often just cover their eyes when asked to hide. The new research shows that they also believe that THEY can't see another if the

children, consciousness, education, institutional mind, popular science, psychology,

The Second Book of Job - poem

The Second Book of Job Darkness Past F is for fear the steps lead down through cobwebs and damp to a tomb underground through memories lost embedded in ice trials and torments from lovers of vice all that destroy you those icons of lethargy feed their projections on unconscious envy all that control you say love is too dear and build domination on unconscious fear

alchemy, empathy, gardens, hope, humanism, institutional mind, meaningful poems, poems, politics, psychology, sociology, spirit, wisdom,

institutions, preconceptions and collective myths

A thought for the day, as it were! Dire institutions cannot see truth through their fiction that blinds A collective illusion there's nothing can pierce institutional minds Happy (and open-minded) New Year

education, institutional mind, meaningful poems, open minds, poems, psychology,

William Dalrymple - From the Holy Mountain

Subtitled 'A journey in the shadow of Byzantium', makes for interesting travel/adventure reading, and there are excellent photos. Given the subject matter, I'm surprised there is little about the psychology of religion, since the tales of misery that William unearths are all about the psychological experience of the 'divine' (broadly speaking) and the appalling mess that institutionalised belief

books, institutional mind, photos, religion, spirit,

The Philosophers Apprentice - James Morrow

In this fascinating novel, Mason Ambrose fluffs his Philosophy PhD, whilst in a bit of a mood, and is immediately offered a huge pay-packet to be a personal tutor to a girl on an idyllic island - Isla de Sangre. The girl, Londa Sabacthani, is supposed to have lost her memory and all sense of what is right and wrong following an accident, so Mason schools her in ethics. He then discovers that his

books, fiction, institutional mind, James Morrow, philosophy, psychology,

Make your own LED lights

Having depressed everyone with part 1 of institutional corruption, and hopefully instilled a little hope with the excellent work of Professor Lawrence Lessig, here's an example of the other side of the coin. An educated democratic population can gain considerable freedom from the corporate/banking/consumer world by making your own goods.    A particularly satisfying example is LED light. Being

banking, DIY, electronics, institutional mind, LED, photos, physics,

Democracy and money

Part 1 of Lawrence Lessig on the role of money in American (western) "democracy" and politics. Lawrence Lessig on Institutional Corruption part1 Congress Talk begins at about 14 minutes:  Conclusions:  1. Those in power could care less who gets the votes, so long as they can choose the candidates. 2. Those in power, in the USA, spend upwards of 30% of their time in office conferring with

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