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allotments landscape Cornwall

It makes a change from photos of flowers and food: this is the landscape from the top of the site. Many of the allotments are organic. Most appealing feature (for me) is the diversity. It's amazing how inventive people are when they have the opportunity (in this case, access to land). Related: allotments, Cornwall, landscape, photos, organic, gardens

allotments, Cornwall, gardens, landscape, organic, photos,

biodiversity and organic farming combats drought in Thailand

A joined-up-thinking (and feeling) approach to food production has produced signs of hope in Thailand. Rather than leaving food production and the survival of life on Earth to mutants with calculators and profit and loss obsessions, a small group that turned its back on industrial farming and monocultures has been able to weather the storm surprisingly well - by focusing on organic farming and

agriculture, biodiversity, food, landscape, organic, photos, Thailand,

surreal landscape using linotype

A truly amazing other world, conjured using linotype: paintings prints and more lino-printing experimenting Copyright Vivien Blackburn Related: creativity, experimental art, landscape, linotype, miscellany 1, paintings

creativity, experimental art, landscape, linotype, miscellany 1, paintings,

Dvorak, New World Symphony

I heard this morning that Dvorak was inspired by the native Indians' music, whilst visiting the USA. Now I know why the New World symphony occasionally reminds me of Samuel Coleridge-Taylor's Hiyawatha's Wedding feast (my second ever experience of singing in a choir, if memory serves ...). In places there is a mystical sense of surveying a pristine New World in all its natural perfection.

classical music, Dvorak, landscape, music, orchestra, symphony, video,

Carbon Glacier Laura Veirs

Carbon Glacier, by singer / songwriter Laura Veirs, was published in 2004. Wonderful atmospheric poetry with subjective awareness painted onto the landscape and starscape with acoustic guitar Carbon Glacier - Laura Veirs songs on the CD ; Ether Sings – 3minutes 44seconds Icebound Stream – 3minutes 04seconds Rapture – 3minutes 06seconds Lonely Angel Dust – 2minutes 38seconds The Cloud

acoustic, contemporary composers, dreams, gardens, guitar, landscape, Laura Veirs, music, photos, songs, symbolic, video,

Landscapes poems by T S Eliot

Landscapes by T S Eliot Cape Ann O quick quick quick, quick hear the song-sparrow, Swamp-sparrow, fox-sparrow, vesper-sparrow At dawn and dusk. Follow the dance Of goldfinch at noon. Leave to chance The Blackburnian warbler, the shy one. Hail With shrill whistle the note of the quail, the bob-white Dodging the bay-bush. Follow the feet Of the walker, the water-thrush. Follow the flight Of the

birds, landscape, nature, poems, T S Eliot,

Usk - T S Eliot

Do not suddenly break the branch, or Hope to find The white hart over the white well. Glance aside, not for lance, do not spell Old enchantments. Let them sleep. 'Gently dip, but not too deep', Lift your eyes Where the roads dip and where the roads rise Seek only there Where the grey light meets the green air The Hermit's chapel, the pilgrim's prayer.(Landscapes) Usk, T S Eliot. You can't

landscape, patience, poems, T S Eliot, wisdom,

Virginia - T S Eliot

VIRGINIAT S Eliot - Landscapes Red river, red river, Slow flow heat is silence No will is still as a river Still. Will heat move Only through the mocking-bird Heard once? Still hills Wait. Gates wait. Purple trees, White trees, wait, wait, Delay, decay. Living, living, Never moving. Ever moving Iron thoughts came with me And go with me: Red river, river, river. -- T.S. Eliot

landscape, miscellany 1, poems, T S Eliot,

trees on Dartmoor landscape

Dartmoor trees landscape

Dartmoor landscape near Okehampton

Bonehill Rocks, Cut Hill, Dartmoor landscape

leafy footpath North Cornwall landscape

Panoramic Rural Views through woodland landscape

Geography / Topography landscape

Roughtor, Bodmin Moor, photos

Cornish landscape with sheep - nature photography

photos of November 2010 freeze in Devon and Cornwall
Bude, Holsworthy, landscape, rural life, weather, climate

Roughtor, Bodmin Moor, photos
landscape photography, nature photography, Cornwall

Cornish landscape with sheep - nature photography
Cornish, Cornwall, landscape photography, sheep, nature photography


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