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Fundamental Physics: particles, spacetime, astronomy, cosmology

Fundamental Physics: elementary particles, the nature of spacetime, radio astronomy, cosmological models

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Apparent offset of the winter solstice

Apparent offset of the winter solstice. There are many posts about this on the Internet, but a. Many are confusing, complex or both; b. Many people who haven't a clue still hurl derision at those who have; Hence this brief and simple depiction: Although the winter solstice is within a day or two of the shortest day (amount of daylight), the darkest morning is around December the 10th, and

blues, conservation, daybreak, mathematics, physics, popular science, winter,

partial eclipse of the moon

A partial eclipse of the moon, last year, in Bude, Cornwall Nature photography meets physics, in Cornwall.

astronomy, Bude, Cornwall, photos, physics,

new solar thermal material

A new solid state material has been developed that stores daylight in a solid state form (like batteries) without the need for expensive batteries.  It can be triggered to release the energy as heat on demand, so simple applications such as harvesting energy during the day to heat the building after dusk are proposed Research is proposed that explores extending the lifetime of storage (

environment, physics, popular science, renewable energy, solar, solar storage,

Chaos - James Gleick

Chaos - James Gleick paperback, 352 pages, in good condition. With many black and white illustrations, plus a few fullpage, coloured images of Lorenz attractors, Mandelbrot set and similar. Typical review: This book brings together different work in the new field of physics called the chaos theory, an extension of classical mechanics, in which simple and complex causes are seen to interact.

books, Chaos, James Gleick, mathematics, physics, popular science,

In Search of the Edge of Time - John Gribbin

Gribbin sets out to explain how time travel is theoretically possible and looks at the various different ways which might allow it. He pays particular attention to the most likely time-machine: that provided by the concept of the "wormhole".  Like a tunnel through space and time, a wormhole could connect different regions of the Universe which occupy both different spaces and different times.

astronomy, books, John Gribbin, physics, relativity, space, time,

Make your own LED lights

Having depressed everyone with part 1 of institutional corruption, and hopefully instilled a little hope with the excellent work of Professor Lawrence Lessig, here's an example of the other side of the coin. An educated democratic population can gain considerable freedom from the corporate/banking/consumer world by making your own goods.    A particularly satisfying example is LED light. Being

banking, DIY, electronics, institutional mind, LED, photos, physics,

cosmological standard model news

It's about time there was an upset in theoretical physics. Sadly, the cosmological standard model seems to have become dogma in much the same way as other theories over the millenia.  Several news stories, a positive flurry in fact, have emerged over the last few month:   Dark matter theory challenged by gassy galaxies result 25 February 2011 Dark matter may solve 'radio filaments' mystery

astronomy, cosmology, dark matter, galaxies, gardens, photos, physics,

Quantum Physics Beginners Guide

by Alastair Rae.   When I was a physics undergraduate, Alastair Rae's text book on Quantum Physics was the standard teaching reference, and rightly so. Now that he has time, he's written a similar book for non-physicists, so the interested non-specialist can try to understand the non-intuitive, counter 'common sense' reality of the sub-microscopic physical world. And also understand how such

introduction, photos, physics, quantum physics,

Particle Physics - Brian Martin

A Beginners Guide physics book, companion to Quantum Physics Beginners Guide also aimed at the interested non-physicist. Brian Martin begins the book with an introduction to the known fundamental particles (I.e. indivisible constituents of the world of matter and energy) and the forces that exist between them. Tables and diagrams provide simple pictorial models and summaries of the otherwise

particle physics, photos, physics, quantum physics, quarks, relativity,

What Dark Matter?

quote: Theoretical physicists have discovered that we live in a universe where dark energy pushes things apart while dark matter tries to pull things together. from today's post  - http://bit.ly/1hfzcJq Have they? Mach's Principle states that only relative motion exists. So if the universe revolved around us (relative to what?) we would feel centrifugal force exactly as though we had revolved

astronomy, dark matter, photos, physics, relativity,

Unusual black hole at centre of atypical galaxy

Unusual black hole at centre of galaxy. Astronomers using the Magellan II telescope in Chile and NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory have discovered the smallest supermassive black hole yet found at the centre of a dwarf galaxy. It is unusual  in two ways: 1. It's a very tiny black hole, given its position at the centre of a galaxy (such black holes usually called 'Supermassive Black Holes')

astronomy, black hole, galaxies, physics, space, telescopes, waveicles,

aurora discovered in nearby constellation

Northern Lights times 1 million! Astronomers have reported seeing an aurora on a 'failed' star (a brown dwarf) 18 light years distant from Earth. This is in a distant (18 light years) constellation, within the Milky Way (diameter estimated at 100,000 light years). http://bit.ly/1UetJ3n Artists Impression To put the distances in perspective: Milky Way galaxy (our home!) diameter 100,000

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