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hashtag needed non corporate social media

The very wealthy want ordinary people on zero-hours contracts, mindless, weary, drugged, consumers, in debt and paying them rent for "life" (if you can call it that). They want addicts of corporate "entertainment" and news. Clearly we need to be noncompliant, but what phrase, better still, what hashtag best describes this? #unplugged is no use, because it is widely used for 'time out', which

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A cartoon for the 'ME' generation

satire cartoon - selfie in coffin. Windows 10 ready, but you'll have to repay the licence every year, even though you're dead ... Corporations (corporate lawyers) run the world! When did we elect them????     copyright 2016     Marty Downs related: cartoons, corporations,  Social media, paintings,  satire

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beware dietary misinformation

 It is really important to find source materials rather than 'blogging for profit' articles when planning a healthy diet ... Quote: "vegetarian foods are not a great source of protein." source: http://www.thehealthsite.com/diseases-conditions/low-protein-diet-plan-for-people-suffering-from-gout-f0416/ I'm not a vegetarian, but the 2 most concentrated forms of protein in my kitchen  are both

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social media satire cartoon

Life isn't worth living without social media acceptance... related: cartoons, paintings, satire, Social media, miscellany 1

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Consciousness - The World in ones Head

Tibestian Book of the Undead, part 5 I think I was about 50 when I first realised that many people's world is almost entirely in their minds. I'd known for decades that people are complicated, very different .. weird. Including yours truly, of course. The first example I recall was when I'd spent many months rebuilding a barn, as well as having a full time job. I finished making the roof

consciousness, fiction, hope, satire, Social media, TibestianUndead, updated, wisdom,

Undead, part 2: power, freedom, denial

Part 2 of The Tibestian Book of the Undead (read part 1 first ...) Chapter 3 Why am I writing this? Because I kept a diary, every day after I finally acquired paper, but after a century or so of diligently making notes and musings, someone stole it. I'd like to think it will turn up one day, but judging by my location at that time, it was probably used to light a fire or wipe someone's

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Pathological Wealth - and solutions

#pathologicalwealth - a hashtag that is overdue! A preamble to the video of Ethos Genesis Post-mechanisation,the production and distribution of basic needs is so simple that we should all be bored stiff. In fact, most people are too busy and exhausted due to the corrupting effects of #pathologicalwealth of the few, and disinterest on self-education by many of the poorest. The following

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Stone Gods Jeanette Winterson

I read this novel three times in a fortnight, so it surely qualifies as one of the most engaging novels I've recently found. It is partly a contemporary and near-future satire of consumerism (particularly sexual), space exploration, robots, the media as non-elected government, environmental destruction, the individual versus the system, techno-information and computerised impersonal policing.

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Parenting - 2015 in the UK

There was very distressing news in the Independent newspaper. Despite initiatives by government to provide pre-school classes and social workers, it seems more than half of the nation's five year old children begin school lacking the most basic skills.  For example being able to hold a pencil or communicate in comprehensible English. Poverty and cuts have been blamed, but how much does it

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Social media beats corporations advertising at supporting diet health

Social media beats corporate advertising at supporting a healthy diet Healthy diet requires ongoing affirmations and support to combat the onslaught of advertising from food corporations. Cheap ingredients in fancy presentation and packaging make more profit. Marty says - diet fads don't work. Many of them have people doing ridiculous things. Pete says - Some diets, and 'food facts' are

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Soil Association Organic September

In the UK, the Soil Association, our largest accreditor of truly organic standards of food production, is promoting http://www.soilassociation.org/organicseptember to introduce more people to organic food. Food grown in a manner that supports the health / wellbeing of both people and planet Organic sales are steadily growing by around 5% a year in the UK. While spending on food overall is

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