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A neighbour asked me a few questions about the internet, which led to a few more (!), and rather than just emailing my response, I'll post it here. Why? Because others may have similar questions, and this response is itself an example of free publishing, information sharing, and the potential connectivity that the internet offers. Our discussion almost entirely comprises 3 themes:  1. Free

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Professional WordPress

Full title: Professional WordPress Design and Development (Wrox Programmer to Programmer) By far the best book I have found and making the most of the WordPress opensource publishing system. It might take slightly longer to get started than some of the quick guides, but everything you need to know is here, and it is organised in such a way that it is straightforward to reference any issues

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Linux Pocket Guide

An excellent, compact reference book for common Linux commands. Anyone that runs a webserver, or even a VPS, would do well to own this book. I have known people that can remember every command they've ever used, but for mere mortals like yours truly, and for everyone subject to senior moments, this is a great time-saver. Linux - the ultimate open source operating system. Published by O'Reilly,

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Blender Foundations: The Essential Guide to Learning Blender 2.6

A recent purchase of mine. A very well laid out book on Blender - a complete animation tool, open-source, and attracting serious professional use. Both the book and the software seem excellent to me, but I wouldn't recommend learning the software without this book, unless you want serious eyestrain for peering at online documents all day long! Blender Foundations is the definitive resource for

animation, Blender, books, open source, software,

PHP code for valid date time in RSS feed

(RFC-822 date-time) I've found a mine of misinformation on the internet about how to use PHP to produce a date and time for an RSS feed that validates. Sadly, none of the suggestions work, and some of them are very complex! The real answer turns out to be very simple: $date_feed = date('r'); I wish this information had been readily available to me ... more software info

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Intel to open source Stephen Hawkings operating system

The computer that physicist Stephen Hawking uses to communicate was developed by Intel, and it has an infrared sensor attached to Stephen's cheek muscle that transmits signals to the processor, which in turn generates speech and commands to the options on the software. Intel have decided to make this open source so that the software world can collaborate in improving and developing the code

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