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Beyond creativity, crafts and hobbies (but don't stop!)

I'm always keen to encourage people to make, mend, improve, create ANYTHING, rather than be a passive consumer.  But the best aspect of having busy hands goes beyond the product - when one's hands are busy, the mind has space to be receptive - and this is when the best insights, ideas, resolutions rise mysteriously to the surface. Making your own clothes, food, whatever reduces alienation,

creativity, hobbies, hope, psychology, spirit, wisdom,

Abide With Me Kings College choir

Abide With Me with lyrics words by Henry Francis Lyte The Choir of King's College, Cambridge, with treble solo by Bruce Blyth. According to the traditional story given in the Remains, Henry Francis Lyte wrote it a few hours after conducting the final service at his church, which was probably 5 September 1847. tags: choral, hope, music, singing, spirit, video, lyrics

choral, hope, lyrics, music, singing, spirit, video,

Bad advice is freely given

Tibestian Book of the Undead - part 4 (brainwashing, corporate/banking matrix, education, freedom, vampires ...) the diary (2nd edition) of a 360 year old vampire Oh for the days when I used to wander through the lanes on my annual migration from Turkey  to France, and back ... Peace and quiescence, familiar creaks from the caravan as my horse plods along, pausing at particularly lush

brainwashing, corporations, debt, education, fiction, freedom, matrix, popular, satire, spirit, TibestianUndead, updated, vampires,

Carolyn Sampson - Bach "Falsche Welt, dir trau ich nicht"

Soprano Carolyn Sampson sings Bach. A live version would have been even better ... I'll see what I can do. Music video and photos of Carolyn Sampson and other sopranos / female vocalists are listed under music (generally) and female vocalists (specifically). Any suggestions ... please leave a comment.  BR Orch. & Chor & Andrea Marcon Choir and Symphony Orchestra of the BR under the direction

Bach, Carolyn Sampson, female vocals, music, photos, singing, soprano, spirit, video,

The Second Book of Job - poem

The Second Book of Job Darkness Past F is for fear the steps lead down through cobwebs and damp to a tomb underground through memories lost embedded in ice trials and torments from lovers of vice all that destroy you those icons of lethargy feed their projections on unconscious envy all that control you say love is too dear and build domination on unconscious fear

alchemy, empathy, gardens, hope, humanism, institutional mind, meaningful poems, poems, politics, psychology, sociology, spirit, wisdom,

William Dalrymple - From the Holy Mountain

Subtitled 'A journey in the shadow of Byzantium', makes for interesting travel/adventure reading, and there are excellent photos. Given the subject matter, I'm surprised there is little about the psychology of religion, since the tales of misery that William unearths are all about the psychological experience of the 'divine' (broadly speaking) and the appalling mess that institutionalised belief

books, institutional mind, photos, religion, spirit,

Anna Netrebko - Pergolesi Stabat Mater

2 CD set released in July 2010,  Antonio Pappano - conductor Anna Netrebko and Marianna Pizzolato Orchestra dell'Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia. Description: For her concerts in July 2010, Anna Netrebko chose to take a risk. Rather than stick to the tried-and-tested route of Russian repertoire (her Iolanta in Baden-Baden in 2009 received dazzling reviews) or recitals of opera

Anna Netrebko, female vocals, Maria Pizzolato, music, singing, soprano, spirit,

Emily Dickinson stood up and lived

I'm pleased to hear that she lived :) Emily Dickinson Three times -- we parted -- Breath -- and I -- Three times -- He would not go -- But strove to stir the lifeless Fan The Waters -- strove to stay. Three Times -- the Billows tossed me up -- Then caught me -- like a Ball -- Then made Blue faces in my face -- And pushed away a sail That crawled Leagues off -- I liked to see -- For thinking --

Emily Dickinson, meaningful, meaningful poems, poems, spirit, wisdom,

Tales From Topographic Oceans – Yes

An instrumental masterpiece, double LP from 1973. Steve Howe of Yes Playing Side 3 of Tales from Topographic Oceans A write up on Amazon says: TALES FROM THE TOPOGRAPHIC OCEANS (1973) -- an album that (to me) is one of the most unique, transcendent, ethereal and spiritual records I've ever heard. The material on this album I can't recall hearing on any other Yes album, the melodies, the

guitar, music, rock music, spirit, Steve Howe, Yes,


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