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Contagious Wellness – An Ongoing Awakening

Contagious Wellness An Ongoing Awakening (first draft) Little Jonny developed severe paranoiaand now has a promising careerin military intelligence Little Jonette was obsessed with spidersand now has a promising careeras a corporate lawyer Kowlijke was the playground bullyand spends sixteen hours every daytelling the world how wonderful she isduck, if you answer back and she’s … Continue reading Contagious Wellness – An Ongoing Awakening The post Contagious Wellness – An Ongoing Awakening appeared first on pjf.

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slowest lessons to learn

psychology/sociology – from the point of view of a 360 year old non-feeding vampire. What are the slowest lessons to learn? The answer is easy, the details aren’t! Patience and wisdom. A 360 year old non-feeding vampire is still on the journey, and probably will never ‘arrive’ at this desirable destination … For example, the … Continue reading slowest lessons to learn The post slowest lessons to learn appeared first on pjf.

denial, fiction, hope, psychology, sociology, symbolic, TibestianUndead, wisdom,

learning Russian / Cyrillic alphabet

The Penguin book The New Penguin Russian Course: A Complete Course for Beginners  http://www.amazon.co.uk/New-Penguin-Russian-Course-Beginners/dp/0140120416/ has a very good introduction, but could make more of the fact that many letters are borrowed from Greek. For example N is pronounced ee ! This makes sense once you realise N represents the Greek letter eta. Having waded through … Continue reading learning Russian / Cyrillic alphabet The post learning Russian / Cyrillic alphabet appeared first on pjf.

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Carbon Glacier Laura Veirs

Carbon Glacier, by singer / songwriter Laura Veirs, was published in 2004. Wonderful atmospheric poetry with subjective awareness painted onto the landscape and starscape with acoustic guitar Carbon Glacier – Laura Veirs songs on the CD ;Ether Sings – 3minutes 44seconds Icebound Stream – 3minutes 04seconds Rapture – 3minutes 06seconds Lonely Angel Dust – 2minutes … Continue reading Carbon Glacier Laura Veirs The post Carbon Glacier Laura Veirs appeared first on pjf.

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