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violin lessons #4 - bowing the strings

Aim to bow the strings midway between the bridge and the fingerboard. All the bowing comes from arm movement from the elbow, not the shoulder. There are several ways to practice this and form a good habit: standing with your back to the wall; practising by a mirror. If you often saw wood (I do!) this is DIFFERENT!! It is advisable to persevere with this exercise until it has formed

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violin lessons #3 - open string notes

Learning the notes on the violin without fingering the strings. Learn to tune your violin and name the open string notes.  Using coloured markers to identify the 1st and 3rd finger positions on the fingerboard (major 2nd and perfect 4th above the open string notes). Related: education, music lessons, video, violin, violin lessons, free lessons

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violin lessons #2 - know your violin

The parts of the violin. What they are called and what they accomplish. know your violin - video The chin rest. Most beginners violins come with a chin rest, but it is often worth a few pounds to get something more comfortable.  A good music shop will help you decide what is best for you. A bad music shop will encourage you to spend as much as possible ...  The tailpiece. Even many

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Violin lessons #1 - beginners: the bow

Violin lesson - beginners: the bow music lessons for the violin. I'm a complete novice at playing the violin, but very fine musicians - no matter what instrument - all agree. Learn good habits before you progress to playing tunes. Bad habits are hard to un-learn, and bowing is crucial for the violin. This first lesson is how to hold the violin and the bow. tags: education, music

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Veronika Eberle violin

Veronika Eberle (born 26 December 1988) is a German violinist. She is currently a BBC New Generation artists scheme member, and the proud borrower (!) of the "Dragonetti" Stradivarius (1700), on loan from the Nippon Music Foundation. Earlier this year they auctioned one of their Strads to raise money for the flood victims, and it sold for $9m (if memory serves) so I hope the insurance is solid :)

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Tango Por Una Cabeza - Nicola Benedetti

A newly released video from Nicola Benedetti's EVO channel: Nicola Benedetti live Music video for Nicola Benedetti, Ksenija Sidorova, Alexander Sitkovetsky, Leonard Elschenbroich and Alexei Grynyuk - "Tango - Por Una Cabeza". (C) 2012 Decca Music Group Limited

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