3-fold prescription for complete health: Exercise, Healthy Food, sleep


Personalised exercise for each individual

Some good ideas for designing the exercise that suits you, rather than suits what others tell you!

Have you tried jump roping, rollerblading, using resistance bands, running stairs, biking around downtown or the park, playing tennis or recreation league soccer, hiking, swimming, kayaking, or dancing?

Also recommended: yoga, tai chi, pilates, any rhythmic movement …
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plan for holistic health wellbeing


Healthy diet, sleep and relaxation

Some good advice for a society seemingly designed to create stress, quoting  Dr. Kenyatta Jones, child and adolescent behavioural health services at Metroplex Hospital in Killeen.

Remember, no matter how house proud you are, the most important room in your home is your body – the room your soul inhabits 🙂


the benefits of exercise for mental health

Exercise is one of the best ‘medicines’ for improving mental health, with an endless variety of forms

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🚴 Exercise education promoting wellbeing, fitness, selfcare and longevity 🦉

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🚴 Healthy Food / nutrition knowledge for wellbeing 🦉

WELLBEING – self-care,
exercise, healthy food, longevity 

KNOWLEDGE – education,
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