Beyond creativity, crafts and hobbies (but dont stop!)

I’m always keen to encourage people to make, mend, improve, create ANYTHING, rather than be a passive victim of the drugs of consumerism.

But the best aspect of having busy hands goes beyond the product – when one’s hands are busy, the mind has space to be receptive – and this is when the best insights, intuitions, ideas, resolutions rise mysteriously to the surface from the unconscious.

Making your own clothes, food, whatever reduces alienation, but the best possible outcome is one simple word, so hard to appreciate …

On Buddha’s deathbed, reports state that many followers asked questions that demonstrated their tentative preconceptions:

Are you God?
Are you an angel?
Are you a teacher?
Are you a prophet?

Eventually the best question was asked:

What are you?


I am awake.

In Pink Floyd’s excellent song “Comfortably Numb” the singer ‘caught a fleeting glimpse’ as a child. Hopefully most people can relate to this.

Comfortably Numb appears to be more and more the norm as the corporate world strengthens its grip on apparently willing prisoners.

Virtually everything that anyone wants to possess beyond food, clothes, shelter and necessary tools is a projection.

traffic jam

A stark example that anyone living in an urban setting can see any day (photo) >>>

People that desperately need to improve their fitness prefer to buy a black, aggressive (representing feeling threatened?) 4 wheel drive 150 hp ‘car’, and look even more depressed, angry and unfit 6 months later when the novelty has worn off, and they are stuck in a traffic jam of bad tempered clones all driving bl … you guessed.

The ‘fleeting glimpse’ is possibly the best thing that anyone can experience – sometimes alone, sometimes within relationship – and you can’t buy it.


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