Capital in 21st Century – Piketty

Imagine:  education, hope, psychology and sharing in the global economy

An excellent book, and I hope it gives me a complete picture of what is really going on in the world of money and business, and the bloody corporate matrix.

I refer of course to

Thomas Piketty -Capital in the Twenty-First Century

a book based on facts, to counter the nonsense spoken by vested interests.

Thomas Piketty -Capital in the Twenty-First Century

Very recently I was subjected to 2 supposedly educated, supposedly adult people ranting at each other about `right wing versus left wing politics – and it reminded me of the school playground.

The most vociferous were always the least informed and most one-sided.

So, it is such a treat to find a very able economist with plenty of human resources to assist him making the most of digital technology to provide us with data and diagrams in a comprehensible and comprehensive book.

It is very clear that inequality is increasing and that capital and power is concentrating in fewer families / dynasties / corporations.

Equally, tinkering with tax rates and tax evasion won’t magically create a responsible population willing to further their own education and to unlearn helplessness.

Inherited wealth aka pathological wealth has hardly been mentioned in the interminable Brexit nightmare, yet is so clearly a motive for the millionaire and billionaire liars trying to force Brexit – the EU being our best bet of implementing progressive wealth taxes across national boundaries.

Re-Imagine:  education, hope, psychology and sharing in the global economy

DARKNESS – lifelong debt,
reinventing slavery, pathological wealth
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KNOWLEDGE – education,
children, psychology and sociology
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