consciousness and creativity in the individual

Quote from the book The Pregnant Virgin, by Marion Woodman


“The individuation process is described by Jung as an opus contra naturam, which means that one must make an effort to not act instinctively (that doesn’t imply being unaware of our instincts). The psychoid process involves both biological and psychic energies. By blocking the instinctual act, fully conscious of its power, the ego holds the tension until it is rechannelled and manifests in an image (often creative). This is not sublimation so much as transformation.”


For example, the dream image my well suggest ideas and insights relating to a creative project.

Such consciousness is even more crucial and helpful nowadays (2020) as the airwaves are flooded with advertising.


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  1. The internet is crammed full of meaningless noise and advertising too, but positive habits of how we spend our time can render such garbage virtually invisible .
    #PositiveMentalAttitude > #BestPossibleOutcome

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