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Why does nearly everyone in the supermarket look confused, impatient, lost, oblivious to those around them?

consumerism, extraversion and climate changeWhy do they look angry when they get in their £23,000, black, 4 wheel drive, aggressive Shopping Trolley?

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consumerism, extraversion and climate change

Because they have been taken over by advertising, losing their money and freedom.

Walking to the shop, buying what you NEED, and having the time and money left to pursue the 278,000 creative and productive pastimes, crafts and hobbies available is healthier and happier …

consumerism, extraversion and climate change

278,000 is a guess! There are probably more


For many people a powerful car/truck/TonkaToy is a more or less unconscious projection of their desire for physical fitness and (sometimes) power.

You don’t need to be super-fit, or even remotely fit to make a start. Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates are calming as well as exercise. Years ago I attended classes for these (and others). I don’t necessarily do the same exercises now, but they both informed the variety of home-based exercise that nowadays suits me.


Variations on Pilates are especially good for core strength, lower back issues, abdominal injury/recovery and more.


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WELLBEING – self-care,
exercise, healthy food, longevity

WHOLENESS – wisdom quotes,
imagination, open minds, symbolic life 



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  1. Here in America there are 2 or 3 mile long bumper to bumper lines of cars waiting to get a food hand out. I noticed that the majority of cars picking up free food were in the $30,000 to $40,000 price range. It’s very important that you look rich and a nice car gives that appearance….until you’re sitting in it waiting for a food hand out. :/

    1. I often get the impression some people, living as they do in Planet B (Netflix and Booze Cruise) haven’t a clue what poverty is. I’m glad I’ve been there – it teaches values.

      Recently our local shop delivered me (free delivery) a 25 kg sack of local potatoes – cost £10.50 (about $13.5 , presently). A huge jacket potato is hardly a complete food, but neither is it hunger …

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