Human evolution – the Senzar language


The prophetic record of human destiny and evolution.

I’m very pleased that I bought the book :

The Book of Secret wisdom – translated by Zinovia Dushkova

but the first couple of readings were completely baffling!

Sometimes it seems to be talking of the familiar physical world, and often about the world of Gods and mythological figures. It began to ring bells when I dwelt on the author’s description of the Senzar writing:

The writing system of Senzar is even more complicated, combining in itself seemingly incompatible elements. These include signs, syllables, and letters based on symbolism. A single symbol is capable of developing into an entire treatise, being easily understandable by an initiated disciple of any ethnic background. Of course, the reader’s level of consciousness is also important.
Colour, light, number, and sound play a significant role in a secret alphabet from which words and sentences are composed. Each letter, possessing its own specific colour of the rainbow, shade of light, number, and mystic sound syllable,has its equivalent in the languages of all peoples of the world and may be reproduced using different cryptographic methods, with the aid of specialized calculation tables. Thus, a new cryptographic alphabet is created in a given tongue …

The book does make sense, and is profound, when read as poetry or mythology. Senzar sounds more like symbolism / dreams than familiar psychology or sacred texts.


It paints a very optimistic picture of our lives on Earth. At the end of 2020, we certainly need it.



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  1. There are many quotable passages, and I’ll post more, soon. Particularly a non-attributed quote if Jesus (from the Gnostic Gospels) about enjoying the fruits of your own labour, not other people’s work.

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