mantra for a blissful life


Wonderful talk about a particular form of mindfulness – being constantly aware of our gratitude.

During the Covid-19 lockdowns it’s been clear that with 95% of the traffic no longer on the roads, most necessary work and especially utilities and healthy food were still available.

Surely it’s obvious we can feel gratitude when the electricity, heating, water supply and telecomms in our homes all work.


Thank you … it’s that simple 🙂



In contrast, on yesterday’s news I saw huge queues of large, expensive cars stuck in traffic jams – with their engines running – queueing for food banks in USA. Who designed this madness? What is the plan?


In a bizarre ‘society’ each individual can focus on the postitive.


The attitude of gratitude reminds us where we are – paradise., and helps maintain a positive mental attitude.

Thank You


🦉 © Peter Fairbrother @pjforguk  🌄


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