Old lady, sweeping – lyrics

Old lady sweeps her path, every day

In summer it’s dust, they’re making hay

In Spring there’s litter, her hand springs

“She must be bored.” but she sings


In winter there’s snow, her stiff broom!

“She must be simple.”  well … she’s in tune

“She has nought to do” she’s busy; they aren’t

“She looks ancient”  longevity’s art


“Bet she don’t work out!”  today. This day!

“Or work with weights.” you don’t say

When hands are busy, the soul ain’t blind

And gems arise from the under-mind


Is nobody conscious? her heart is bold

The day she left us, it turned to gold


🦉 © Peter Fairbrother @pjforguk www.pjf.org.uk  🌄



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