optimum exercise for middle age

optimum exercise for middle age. Exercise in excess increases arthritis, though many experts disagree, or rather point out the full picture.

A US study of more than 200 people aged 45 to 55 and of “normal” weight found those doing the most exercise were the most likely to suffer knee damage. Running and jumping may also do more damage to cartilage and ligaments than swimming and cycling, researchers said.

walking as healthy exercise


One arthritis charity said it was important to keep fit and most people would not have any problems. Osteoarthritis – the most common form of arthritis – is a degenerative joint disease that causes pain, swelling and stiffness and affects 8m people in the UK.

Typically, earlier news suggests much the opposite!

Running makes you live longer

 healthy exercise

This research tracked 500 older runners for more than 20 years, comparing them to a similar group of non-runners. All were in their 50s at the start of the study.Nineteen years into the study, 34% of the non-runners had died compared to only 15% of the runners.

Both groups became more disabled with age, but for the runners the onset of disability started later – an average of 16 years later. (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/7554293.stm) and

Running offers protection against arthritis

Running can offer up to 12 years protection from the onset of osteoarthritis, doctors have said. People who exercise often are less likely to develop the condition than inactive “couch potatoes”, they say.

Osteoarthritis is traditionally thought of as developing from “wear and tear” on the joints.


1. On today’s news, the oldest man in the world has his 116th birthday. His secret of health sounds exactly the same as the world’s oldest marathon runner (last years London marathon, aged 101) – he eats small meals.
No mention of diets, super-foods, fasting.

Significantly, he is Japanese – a country with over 50,000 centenarians, and a diet of fresh veg, fruit and fish. No McDonald’s, no coke … no diabetes..

N.B. Note that their diet (wild fish, unprocessed fruit and veg) has NO INPUT from food corporations!

2. How dare you speak of McDonalds in an unkind fashion! How else can America be the nation of unintended Sumo wrestlers? suggested Marty, in satirical mode …

I watched a program about a poor Vietnamese farmer who lived off the land. He was happy with his life..but someone wanted to “help” him. They took him to a doctor and was found to be in excellent health…he was in his 70’s I believe. He’d never been to a doctor in his life. Then they took him to a dentist. I expected to hear that his teeth were in horrible condition…but no..not one cavity. I was amazed.

At the end of the program they were talking to him about his life and there in his hand was a can of Coke (phosphoric acid and sugar in tap water … in a tin) the film crew had given him. He loved it and couldn’t wait to get more. I imagine his teeth started to fail him soon after … the people were a true help to him…

3. An anti-corporate satire should be in the pipeline.

Have you noticed how food corporations look at the cheapest wholesale commodities (I hesitate to call them food) before planning their business model? :

fat beef, maize, refined sugar, refined white wheat flour, and the classic ripoff of all time> tap water.
It’s amazing what people will buy if it’s packaged and advertised.
The mark up on sugary soft drinks is 95% according to a video I found from BBC Horizon recently. If I haven’t blogged it, please remind me to do so 🙂

Latest research re: exercise –  walking and housework for a long healthy life. Especially beneficial, because they can become habitual. “I don’t fancy the gym” doesn’t really wash (no pun intended) when the dishes and/or laundry need your elbow grease.


Personally, I rate a GOOD exercise bike. It is at home – do one minute when you’re passing (FIIT) and the benefits are huge. More details here exercise

That’s right EXERCISE

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  1. A common sight here in America is a person staring at their phone in one hand and carrying a bottle of water in the other. Why not buy a container and fill it with tap water? I guess these people fall for the bottle labeling that says ‘Pure Mountain Spring Water’. When it actually came out of a factory in New Jersey. But the company wasn’t lying. The name of the factory is Mountain Spring. :/

  2. A very good article, especially as motivation to exercise during (a) covid-19 pandemic, (b) another 4 years of toxic government.

    The other half of the selfcare equation is healthy food, and the hoarding madness of bewilderbeasts give us an excellent opportunity to rethink habits, and tweak some improvements. An excellent video recommended by a pal yesterday explains WHY so many of us become wheat, dairy and eggs intolerant as we grow older, and casts serious doubts about ever eating them in the first place.


    These 3 foods aren't poison, as such. But they are favourite foods for things IN US that we could do without. Do watch the video for details

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