Politics for a mature species …

Protecting the working class from the pathologically wealthy (the 1%) is a fairly obvious political goal, but having seen several people switch camps (first 1% to the other 1%, and vice versa) due to their changing circumstances, the rational conclusion is that human nature is vulnerable to both temptations, and is either unaware of its own selfish psychology, uses escape mechanisms to suppress the truth, or is just plain selfish.

One way or another most of the ‘passengers’ are unaware of their own psychology.

So a mature political party , if ever it comes into being, will face the facts of human psychology, sociology, economics and the reality of the physical world, and dis-incentivise both extremes of sociopathy by suitable laws and institutions.

The FACT that the very wealthy monopolise ownership of property (housing, land, retail estate, etc) and capitalise “housing associations”, and largely own their government through bonds and bank loans ensures that most people will spend all their working lives in debt or as rent slaves (or both).

No wonder 3,000,000 UK children are negatively impacted by parental alcoholism.

One part of the solution would be Hire Purchase of Affordable Housing organised by a benevolent state so that:

a. The pathologically wealthy can’t buy them;

b. The poorest don’t acquire “learned helplessness” through generations of benefits and not being allowed to maintain and take responsibility for their own homes.

An election is due! Is there any mention of objective realism? Or the same old childish pretence that either extreme has all the truth!

The illusion that one ‘side’ of the political spectrum serves no constructive purpose, but does maintain the status un-quo, to the detriment of most working class people.

It makes no more sense then fellow victims attacking each other due to arbitrary labels, such as:

Rangers v Celtic (Scottish football)

Protestant v Catholic (Northern Ireland)

Tories v Labour

I.S. v Everyone else

It’s all a projection of one’s own ‘shadow’ onto a convenient other. As the song says – “It’s in your head”

The solution, as every religion / philosophy / depth psychology / unspoilt child knows:

“Know thyself”

I / you / we have everything to gain.


🦉 © Peter Fairbrother @pjforguk www.pjf.org.uk 🌄


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