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wisdom and quotesΒ  πŸŒ„ Quotes of wisdom promoting conscious wholeness and the symbolic life. 🎨

self knowledge Β  πŸŒ„ self knowledge as the psychological route to wholeness 🎨

psychology Β  πŸŒ„ Understanding human thoughts, beliefs and behaviour. Conscious wholeness through self knowledge, self care of mind, body and spirit. Creativity and education. 🎨

education Β Β  πŸŒ„ Structured lifelong learning that produces a fuller understanding of our world and ourselves. 🎨

exerciseΒ Β  πŸŒ„ Regular exercise – news and science. Encouraging healthy habits for wellbeing, longevity, happiness beyond the snares of consumerism. 🎨

healthy food Β Β  πŸŒ„ Promoting healthy food education and highlighting the dangers of farming bad-practice and advertising junkfood. 🎨

advertising Β Β  πŸŒ„ Propagating consumerismΒ  by misusing psychological knowledge to manipulate people 🎨


consumerism Β  πŸŒ„ The belief that everything of value is out there, and material. Consumerism is propagated by advertising that misuses psychology to manipulate people 🎨


debt Β  πŸŒ„ Control of the poor by those with excess capital and no heart. 🎨


democracy Β  πŸŒ„ Becoming aware of influences on us; both inner and outer. Representing majority views in government and law (in principle!). 🎨


documentary Β  πŸŒ„ Videos and textual summaries of quality talks and videos. 🎨


freedom Β  πŸŒ„ Being conscious of, and gaining liberation from all malign forms of power and control over the majority by the few. 🎨


hope Β  πŸŒ„ A commitment to sustaining a positive future. 🎨


lead by example Β Β  πŸŒ„ Being the future and society that we value. 🎨


LongevityΒ Β πŸŒ„ Expected lifespan, and the education and behaviour that promotes it. 🎨


pathological wealth Β Β Β  πŸŒ„ The power and social damage of extreme wealth. 🎨


politics Β Β πŸŒ„ managing our affairs (or trying to) at the

national level, and beyond 🎨

sociology Β Β πŸŒ„ The study and understanding of individuals

and groups within society 🎨