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By far the best quote I’ve heard in ages:

“Birds born in cages think flying is a disease.”

I know plenty of people in such circumstances … it’s never too late to open the cage

wisdom quotes - fear of freedom
wisdom quotes – fear of freedom

Example: An electoral system where the victims have two self-interested parties (often extreme) to choose from … followed by 4 years of ~dictatorship. The ‘party’ not elected opposes everything the winners want, despite the fact that every elected member of all parties is paid by the state to serve the state.

The number of times I’ve been accused of being an idiotic Tory because I don’t vote Labour …

The number of times I’ve been accused of being an idiotic Labour voter because I don’t vote Tory …

(I vote for damage limitation – in a system of disproportionate misrepresentation and the playground psychology of “the opposites” I have no other choice)

P.S. “The Fear of Freedom” by Erich Fromm is an excellent, timeless book

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