Senzar wisdom echoes Jesus’ words in Gnostic gospels


From The Book of Secret Wisdom Stanza IV :

Evil began to invade the Souls of Light … (who were working for the common good. Cultivating crops and building their homes).

The darkness endeavoured to confront these Souls of Light with equal, or even stronger, forces of evil. She had already found such people, catching them at the very moment when they had let go of the Sacred Labour which had been entrusted to them.

After tricking them into believing that one could enjoy the fruits of somebody elseโ€™s labour, the darkness did not allow them to work and instead put a sword into their dangling hands.

Evil permitted the forceful appropriation of that which had been given for the good of the whole world, as it had been cultivated for everyone.

This echoes Jesus’ words in The Gnostic Gospels (to follow).


Nowadays, in the industrialised world, the ‘sword in hand’ takes many forms – most often related to the monopoly of capital, property and the media. Education and awareness can help to protect people from becoming ensnared in such exploitation, and enjoy relative freedom.

๐Ÿฆ‰ ยฉ Peter Fairbrother @pjforgukย  ๐ŸŒ„


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