Social media for good beats advertising for HealthyFood

Social media beats corporate advertising at supporting a healthy diet

Maintaining a healthy diet requires ongoing affirmations and support to combat the onslaught of advertising from food corporations: Their cheap ingredients in fancy presentation and packaging make more profit.

Marty says – diet fads don’t work. Many of them have people doing ridiculous things.

Pete says – Some diets, and ‘food facts’ are promoted by vested interests, for profit. This muddies the waters.

science of lifestyle and gut healthThe problem is, adverts are assaulting people all day every day; sound nutritional and exercise policy isn’t, and doesn’t have the funds to compete.

Fortunately, social media can replace the corporate onslaught with people-powered support networks. That’s us!

Recent Research :  emphasizes the role of exercise in promoting gut health.

🦉 © Peter Fairbrother @pjforguk  🌄


Personal experience echoed in Diabetes UK article: artificial sweeteners can be very bad for gut bacterial health.



  1. I wish there was no social media. I wish that cell phones had never been invented….or any of the other gadgets and doodahs that have people staring at screens. People including me but we’ll overlook that fact. ~~The Old Curmudgeon~~

  2. Re: diabetes. I can eat as much ‘white’ bread as I like, now I’ve perfected the recipe:

    Per 100grams flour,
    10 grams veg oil
    7 grams oats
    5 grams wheatgerm

    Last night I had an insatiable appetite – endless bread and HONEY.

    Blood test this morning 5.3 🍞😊🌈

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