healthy diet and poverty

Unplugged from food corporations I’ve heard some alarming tales from friends who work with people trapped in poverty and debt. The worst cases, due to the tax and benefits nightmare orchestrated by successive governments, are all people working full-time. Usually, they are working so many hours that they find it difficult to make the best… Continue reading healthy diet and poverty

The roots of poverty in wealthy countries

  one home I can understand people squirreling away savings if they feel insecure. But if you own one house and have no debts, why worry? The only way people can really BE secure is through social cohesion … which means lending your neighbour a lawnmower, having infinite patience with alcoholics, and lead by example… Continue reading The roots of poverty in wealthy countries

Charmian Gooch: Meet global corruption’s hidden players

  Best Possible Outcome: Excellent video from TedTalks about the love affair between capital and corruption. There seems little we ordinary folk can do, but there is one thing – Vote With Your Wallet. Social Media and YouTube can be helpful in keeping apace of corporate and billionaire mischief. When we don’t fall victim to… Continue reading Charmian Gooch: Meet global corruption’s hidden players

easy steps to freedom

Thought for the day: Why does nearly everyone in the supermarket look confused, impatient, lost, oblivious to those around them? Why do they look angry when they get in their £23,000, black, 4 wheel drive, aggressive Shopping Trolley? examples >>   Because they have been taken over by advertising, losing their money and freedom. Walking… Continue reading easy steps to freedom

Social media for good beats advertising for HealthyFood

Social media beats corporate advertising at supporting a healthy diet Maintaining a healthy diet requires ongoing affirmations and support to combat the onslaught of advertising from food corporations: Their cheap ingredients in fancy presentation and packaging make more profit. Marty says – diet fads don’t work. Many of them have people doing ridiculous things. Pete… Continue reading Social media for good beats advertising for HealthyFood

Pathological Wealth – and solutions

#pathologicalwealth – a hashtag that was long overdue! A preamble to the video of Ethos Genesis Post-mechanisation,the production and distribution of basic needs is so simple that we should all be bored stiff. In fact, most people are too busy and exhausted due to the corrupting effects of pathological wealth of the few, and disinterest… Continue reading Pathological Wealth – and solutions

Food, advertising and trying too hard for wellbeing

1. Fitness foods may give the false (subconscious?) impression that they are a substitute for exercise – hence making the purchasers less fit! study author Jörg Königstorfer, chair of sport and health management at Technische Universität München in Germany. “Don’t rely on these misleading labels.” 2. Orthorexia nervosa, is emerging as a dangerous eating… Continue reading Food, advertising and trying too hard for wellbeing

Rejoice in Choice

  The message is toxic don’t ripen … grow old just gaze at the garbage and do as you’re told … the collective is shouting ‘do something perverse‘ (unconscious of satire one snigger per verse) … beginning to notice: my brain growing old … why drool at the TV and do as you’re told?  … Continue reading Rejoice in Choice

optimum exercise for middle age

optimum exercise for middle age. Exercise in excess increases arthritis, though many experts disagree, or rather point out the full picture. A US study of more than 200 people aged 45 to 55 and of “normal” weight found those doing the most exercise were the most likely to suffer knee damage. Running and jumping may… Continue reading optimum exercise for middle age

Individual freedom versus corporations

I asked my pal in Illinois why the area he lives in is so sparsely populated and yet Chicago (the nearest very big city) is bursting at the seams: “They move to the city for jobs, but … Even the city jobs are few. America isn’t what the rest of the world envisions it to… Continue reading Individual freedom versus corporations

Inequality in Europe as % of GDP

Consider Bulgaria and Germany: EU’s highest and lowest GDP per capita regions (updated 2015) The great inequality of regions persists as local GDP per capita varies significantly. Inner London (West) in the United Kingdom (580% of the average), the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (264%), Hamburg in Germany (206%) Bruxelles/Brussel in Belgium (205%) and Bratislava in… Continue reading Inequality in Europe as % of GDP

Productivity, mass media and alienation

The View from the Hill Today,as I gazed down at the town from my hilltop, I saw a “man” who had inherited about £120,000 several years ago, and, rather than buy his council flat, he’d blown all the money on foreign holidays (which he couldn’t recall, due to the vast intake of alcohol) and wanted… Continue reading Productivity, mass media and alienation

consumerism alienation and wholeness

Please, please switch off the noise, and take heed, There is nothing “out there” that you need   shallowness and consumerism create alienation and derail our journey to wholeness Related wisdom quotes: quotes to inspire – true democracy kindness and empathy in childrens education   🦉 © Peter Fairbrother @pjforguk  🌄

Imagining a lifestyle, as if Planet Earth really matters

It started with seeing a young child cowering where the pavement ought to be (there isn’t one) as a farm machine about thirteen feet high came racing down the narrow, winding road in an ancient, once-quiet, beautiful village. Nearly all the space where a pavement belongs is overflowing with parked cars, so the likelihood of… Continue reading Imagining a lifestyle, as if Planet Earth really matters

listing to starboard

(thinking, or rather feeling, aloud …)   drink water eat less   walk daily enjoy work   listen to your body dance for your heart trust your gut   sing to your soul talk to your memories   mistrust corporations ignore adverts   collect books bathe in music play with words   avoid critics lead… Continue reading listing to starboard

Consciousness – The World in ones Head

Tibestian Book of the Undead, part 5 I think I was about 50 when I first realised that many people’s world is almost entirely in their minds. I’d known for decades that people are complicated, very different .. weird. Including yours truly, of course. The first example I recall was when I’d spent many months… Continue reading Consciousness – The World in ones Head

choices – consciousness or consumerism …

The 3 stages of life: 1. A child wants a shiny new car, as soon as he/she sees one. Eventually it dawns that the car isn’t new, or novel, for very long. Maybe need a better one … 2. The wiser person gains more satisfaction from renovating a modest, less polluting car. We are related… Continue reading choices – consciousness or consumerism …

eating healthy on a budget

Recent shopping trips have made two facts very plain: 1. Many customers, much younger than I, look extremely physically unfit/ or unwell. 2. Many customers look and sound bewildered when deciding what to buy They would be less vulnerable to the mischief of food corporations’ TV advertising and packaging if they had a list. Even… Continue reading eating healthy on a budget