paradise revisited

In the bible, it says,   The knowledge of good and evil leads to banishment from the Garden of Eden.   The over-developed thinking mind, which is only a tool, gets in the way of the true Self.   Meditation, for those who can (!) or silencing the thinking mind by being busy with simple… Continue reading paradise revisited

On doing nothing

Overtired by multitasking (again) I decided to spend a whole day doing nothing. Assuming I could remember how… After a while my mind was relatively quiet, for a change, and I decided to wash the pots. That’s not exactly demanding – is it? Practically counts as nothing …   I ambled through the task, reveling… Continue reading On doing nothing

Consumerism – the religion

The Gnostic gospels contain many unedited and unpoliticised records of the words of Jesus, and other wise women and men of that era.   One of the most striking and urgent messages for the present day is that people, specifically their soul, incarnate on Earth for a brief spell and the only obstacle to realising… Continue reading Consumerism – the religion

Old lady, sweeping – lyrics

Old lady sweeps her path, every day In summer it’s dust, they’re making hay In Spring there’s litter, her hand springs “She must be bored.” but she sings   In winter there’s snow, her stiff broom! “She must be simple.”  well … she’s in tune “She has nought to do” she’s busy; they aren’t “She… Continue reading Old lady, sweeping – lyrics

mantra for a blissful life

  Wonderful talk about a particular form of mindfulness – being constantly aware of our gratitude. During the Covid-19 lockdowns it’s been clear that with 95% of the traffic no longer on the roads, most necessary work and especially utilities and healthy food were still available. Surely it’s obvious we can feel gratitude when the… Continue reading mantra for a blissful life

Wholeness and Truth – Buddha

Be ye lamps unto yourselves. Be your own reliance. Hold to the truth within yourselves  As to the only lamp.   Buddha Possibly more relevant and urgent now as politics seems determined to regress into lying contests and the perversion of psychology into targeting unconscious drives and projections. As Edward Edinger says in The Mysterium… Continue reading Wholeness and Truth – Buddha

Mystical experience following a stroke – jill bolte taylor’s stroke of insight

Excellent video on consciousness, and the 2 sides of our brain: Neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor had an opportunity few brain scientists would wish for: One morning, she realized she was having a massive stroke.   As it happened — as she felt her brain functions slip away one by one, speech, movement, understanding — she… Continue reading Mystical experience following a stroke – jill bolte taylor’s stroke of insight

Imagination and creative freedom

Thought for the day: Imagination and creative freedom   Einstein had ideas that formed the basis of Quantum Theory and Relativity – the behaviour or energy and the space-time in which it (we!) exist, IE the foundations of all physical science – whilst in a menial job and having time to sail his boat on… Continue reading Imagination and creative freedom

Contagious Wellness – An Ongoing Awakening

Contagious Wellness An Ongoing Awakening Little Jonny developed severe paranoia and now has a promising career in military intelligence Little Jonette was obsessed with spiders and now has a promising career as a corporate lawyer Kowlijke is the playground bully and spends sixteen hours every day telling the world how wonderful she is. duck, if… Continue reading Contagious Wellness – An Ongoing Awakening

Productivity, mass media and alienation

The View from the Hill Today,as I gazed down at the town from my hilltop, I saw a “man” who had inherited about £120,000 several years ago, and, rather than buy his council flat, he’d blown all the money on foreign holidays (which he couldn’t recall, due to the vast intake of alcohol) and wanted… Continue reading Productivity, mass media and alienation

Wholeness of our Being Guides our Actions

A quote from Meister Eckhart, Selected Writings   Meister Eckhart lucidly describes how our true Being, which should be our primary concern, defines our actions. The focus on our actions, which is often a plea to be judged as ‘good’ by others,  is typically extravert, like much of contemporary society. Meister Eckhart’s insistence on the… Continue reading Wholeness of our Being Guides our Actions

Resurgence of Wholeness

What to do tomorrow?   Timid Or Mundane, Or a Radical Resurgence Of Wholeness (and today …) 🦉 © Peter Fairbrother @pjforguk 🌄 Afterthoughts: The road to Wholeness starts today – everyday. Though it doesn’t always feel thus at the time A confused society separates Work and Play. Wholeness recognises both as the same:… Continue reading Resurgence of Wholeness

Life is a Journey

Life is a Journey life isn’t a destination it’s a journey life isn’t a noun it’s a verb if you need to fix something rushing and stressing I must get this job done you’re choosing to label it a problem. All the time you invest in the problem won’t be life it will be stress… Continue reading Life is a Journey