Old lady, sweeping – lyrics

Old lady sweeps her path, every day In summer it’s dust, they’re making hay In Spring there’s litter, her hand springs “She must be bored.” but she sings   In winter there’s snow, her stiff broom! “She must be simple.”  well … she’s in tune “She has nought to do” she’s busy; they aren’t “She… Continue reading Old lady, sweeping – lyrics

upper legs and core muscle health

Floor-based simple exercises to do at home, anytime, that benefit posture and abdominal muscle health in about 2 minutes!   As well as these it is extremely beneficial for abdominal health to have the habit of walking every day. Autonomous (involuntary) muscles support our internal organs when we are moving around. Some of these muscles… Continue reading upper legs and core muscle health

healthy diet and poverty

Unplugged from food corporations I’ve heard some alarming tales from friends who work with people trapped in poverty and debt. The worst cases, due to the tax and benefits nightmare orchestrated by successive governments, are all people working full-time. Usually, they are working so many hours that they find it difficult to make the best… Continue reading healthy diet and poverty

easy steps to freedom

Thought for the day: Why does nearly everyone in the supermarket look confused, impatient, lost, oblivious to those around them? Why do they look angry when they get in their £23,000, black, 4 wheel drive, aggressive Shopping Trolley? examples >>   Because they have been taken over by advertising, losing their money and freedom. Walking… Continue reading easy steps to freedom

3-fold prescription for complete health: Exercise, Healthy Food, sleep

  Personalised exercise for each individual Some good ideas for designing the exercise that suits you, rather than suits what others tell you! Have you tried jump roping, rollerblading, using resistance bands, running stairs, biking around downtown or the park, playing tennis or recreation league soccer, hiking, swimming, kayaking, or dancing? Also recommended: yoga, tai… Continue reading 3-fold prescription for complete health: Exercise, Healthy Food, sleep

Open mind greets meaning

Variety is the spice of life, But wholeness is the banquet. It seemingly takes a lifetime to realise the important things, and even then we never know how much we’re missing. It is good to live in an age where so much information, opinion and discussion is available (online) and it feels vital to mix… Continue reading Open mind greets meaning

Social media for good beats advertising for HealthyFood

Social media beats corporate advertising at supporting a healthy diet Maintaining a healthy diet requires ongoing affirmations and support to combat the onslaught of advertising from food corporations: Their cheap ingredients in fancy presentation and packaging make more profit. Marty says – diet fads don’t work. Many of them have people doing ridiculous things. Pete… Continue reading Social media for good beats advertising for HealthyFood

Contagious Wellness – An Ongoing Awakening

Contagious Wellness An Ongoing Awakening Little Jonny developed severe paranoia and now has a promising career in military intelligence Little Jonette was obsessed with spiders and now has a promising career as a corporate lawyer Kowlijke is the playground bully and spends sixteen hours every day telling the world how wonderful she is. duck, if… Continue reading Contagious Wellness – An Ongoing Awakening

Food, advertising and trying too hard for wellbeing

1. Fitness foods may give the false (subconscious?) impression that they are a substitute for exercise – hence making the purchasers less fit! http://bit.ly/1TbHG1B study author Jörg Königstorfer, chair of sport and health management at Technische Universität München in Germany. “Don’t rely on these misleading labels.” 2. Orthorexia nervosa, is emerging as a dangerous eating… Continue reading Food, advertising and trying too hard for wellbeing

optimum exercise for middle age

optimum exercise for middle age. Exercise in excess increases arthritis, though many experts disagree, or rather point out the full picture. A US study of more than 200 people aged 45 to 55 and of “normal” weight found those doing the most exercise were the most likely to suffer knee damage. Running and jumping may… Continue reading optimum exercise for middle age

Quick route to fitness, health: exercise

Two reports on BBC documentaries – which showed brief bouts of high intensity exercise having great health benefits. It may not work for everyone, but who can’t afford one minute? The first report is by Dr. Shayesteh and his interview is available on video courtesy of wytv.com THEY’VE REMOVED THE VIDEO … BUT THIS IS… Continue reading Quick route to fitness, health: exercise

listing to starboard

(thinking, or rather feeling, aloud …)   drink water eat less   walk daily enjoy work   listen to your body dance for your heart trust your gut   sing to your soul talk to your memories   mistrust corporations ignore adverts   collect books bathe in music play with words   avoid critics lead… Continue reading listing to starboard

creative imagination and wellbeing

The best feeling to wake with … A head full of creative ideas. It doesn’t matter what: sing 👩🏾‍🎤 , dance 🕺🏾, make 👷🏾‍♀️, mend 👨🏾‍🏭, housework 🏡, exercise 🏡🏋🏾‍♀️, food 🥗 , tweet 🤳🏾 , … The creative imagination fosters wellbeing. Note the complete absence of consumer junk, and corporate media 👿,  and no… Continue reading creative imagination and wellbeing

Life is a Journey

Life is a Journey life isn’t a destination it’s a journey life isn’t a noun it’s a verb if you need to fix something rushing and stressing I must get this job done you’re choosing to label it a problem. All the time you invest in the problem won’t be life it will be stress… Continue reading Life is a Journey

aging might be optional – selfcare and healthy food

The most surprising book I’ve come across for a while:   https://getpocket.com/explore/item/this-scientist-believes-aging-is-optional Scientist discovers mechanisms that are involved in aging v body repairs, and Mechanisms: Sirtuins are responsible for repairing DNA damage and controlling overall cellular health by keeping cells on task. NAD activates the sirtuins. Aging: We typically have only half as much NAD… Continue reading aging might be optional – selfcare and healthy food