escaping reinventing slavery housing and learned helplessness

  The Tibestian Book of the Undead  The Diary (2nd edition) of a 360 year old Vampire  part 6 Turkey, ~1850 ‘How do you get the first post to stand upright?’ asked Ibil. ‘Anlamiyorum,’ quoth I. I haven’t a clue. We were helping a neighbour (Ibil was another of my neighbours). The plan was to… Continue reading escaping reinventing slavery housing and learned helplessness

Emerson – The foundation of your peace is yourself

  Words of wisdom from Ralph Waldo Emerson. “And so the reliance on Property, including the reliance on governments which protect it, is the want of self-reliance. Men have looked away from themselves and at things so long that they have come to esteem the religious, learned and civil institutions as guards of property, and… Continue reading Emerson – The foundation of your peace is yourself

Wholeness and Truth – Buddha

Be ye lamps unto yourselves. Be your own reliance. Hold to the truth within yourselves  As to the only lamp.   Buddha Possibly more relevant and urgent now as politics seems determined to regress into lying contests and the perversion of psychology into targeting unconscious drives and projections. As Edward Edinger says in The Mysterium… Continue reading Wholeness and Truth – Buddha

Consumerism – the religion

The Gnostic gospels contain many unedited and unpoliticised records of the words of Jesus, and other wise women and men of that era.   One of the most striking and urgent messages for the present day is that people, specifically their soul, incarnate on Earth for a brief spell and the only obstacle to realising… Continue reading Consumerism – the religion

Beyond creativity, crafts and hobbies (but dont stop!)

I’m always keen to encourage people to make, mend, improve, create ANYTHING, rather than be a passive victim of the drugs of consumerism. But the best aspect of having busy hands goes beyond the product – when one’s hands are busy, the mind has space to be receptive – and this is when the best… Continue reading Beyond creativity, crafts and hobbies (but dont stop!)

The roots of poverty in wealthy countries

  one home I can understand people squirreling away savings if they feel insecure. But if you own one house and have no debts, why worry? The only way people can really BE secure is through social cohesion … which means lending your neighbour a lawnmower, having infinite patience with alcoholics, and lead by example… Continue reading The roots of poverty in wealthy countries

wisdom, stupidity, consciousness, biblical quote

“A stupid man will get understanding when a wild donkey gives birth to a man” A quote from the English Bible, Job chapter 11, verse 12 Especially for Remulak (aka Anonymous). My response to your insightful comments regarding President Trumpet – the western world’s icon of self-knowledge, empathy, consciousness and other fake news. Related: being,… Continue reading wisdom, stupidity, consciousness, biblical quote

Imagination and creative freedom

Thought for the day: Imagination and creative freedom   Einstein had ideas that formed the basis of Quantum Theory and Relativity – the behaviour or energy and the space-time in which it (we!) exist, IE the foundations of all physical science – whilst in a menial job and having time to sail his boat on… Continue reading Imagination and creative freedom

Pathological Wealth – and solutions

#pathologicalwealth – a hashtag that was long overdue! A preamble to the video of Ethos Genesis Post-mechanisation,the production and distribution of basic needs is so simple that we should all be bored stiff. In fact, most people are too busy and exhausted due to the corrupting effects of pathological wealth of the few, and disinterest… Continue reading Pathological Wealth – and solutions

organics, soul and planet

On ( the news  there was a report that organic foods show no benefit to the consumers compared what they call ‘normal’ foods. By “normal”, they mean artificially fertilised, pest controlled, lower animal welfare etc. It seems typical of this fragmented age that the report doesn’t even mention the planet or the human psyche and… Continue reading organics, soul and planet

the role of empathy in transformation

  transformation begins at home A better world begins with one grow your own society contagious empathy   Tags:  IDEALS, KNOWLEDGE,  Empathy, Hope, Lead By Example, psychology, self knowledge, wisdom and quotes Related wisdom quotes: Life is a Journey arts, hope and the best possible outcome   🦉 © Peter Fairbrother @pjforguk 🌄

arts, hope and the best possible outcome

Thought for the day … Visionary IS Having a clear vision of something that doesn’t exist … yet. Yet … Yet it might one day. Paint your Best Possible Outcome In colours, songs, stories You never know who, or what, is listening   art therapy and symbolic meaning in ‘stories’ . In an obese, consumer… Continue reading arts, hope and the best possible outcome

Productivity, mass media and alienation

The View from the Hill Today,as I gazed down at the town from my hilltop, I saw a “man” who had inherited about £120,000 several years ago, and, rather than buy his council flat, he’d blown all the money on foreign holidays (which he couldn’t recall, due to the vast intake of alcohol) and wanted… Continue reading Productivity, mass media and alienation

listing to starboard

(thinking, or rather feeling, aloud …)   drink water eat less   walk daily enjoy work   listen to your body dance for your heart trust your gut   sing to your soul talk to your memories   mistrust corporations ignore adverts   collect books bathe in music play with words   avoid critics lead… Continue reading listing to starboard

Consciousness – The World in ones Head

Tibestian Book of the Undead, part 5 I think I was about 50 when I first realised that many people’s world is almost entirely in their minds. I’d known for decades that people are complicated, very different .. weird. Including yours truly, of course. The first example I recall was when I’d spent many months… Continue reading Consciousness – The World in ones Head