escaping reinventing slavery housing and learned helplessness

  The Tibestian Book of the Undead  The Diary (2nd edition) of a 360 year old Vampire  part 6 Turkey, ~1850 ‘How do you get the first post to stand upright?’ asked Ibil. ‘Anlamiyorum,’ quoth I. I haven’t a clue. We were helping a neighbour (Ibil was another of my neighbours). The plan was to… Continue reading escaping reinventing slavery housing and learned helplessness

Trump legacy – environmental disinterest

  One demonstration of the exceptional maturity, responsibility and foresight of ex-president tRump is a comparison of the number of electric buses (mostly now powered by renewable energy sources) in USA and China.   China has about 400,000 Europe 4,000 USA had 450 at the end of 2019 full story One very clear message… Continue reading Trump legacy – environmental disinterest

A mission statement from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

This feels a suitable moment to quote something positive from a politician, particularly in the USA:   A Better World is Possible This year, we’ve experienced the disastrous consequences of disconnected leadership that fails to meet the needs of everyday people and responds to our systemic crises by leaving everyone to fend for themselves. We’ve… Continue reading A mission statement from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

The roots of poverty in wealthy countries

  one home I can understand people squirreling away savings if they feel insecure. But if you own one house and have no debts, why worry? The only way people can really BE secure is through social cohesion … which means lending your neighbour a lawnmower, having infinite patience with alcoholics, and lead by example… Continue reading The roots of poverty in wealthy countries

institutions, preconceptions and collective myths

A thought for the day, as it were!   Dire institutions cannot see truth through their fiction that blinds A collective illusion there’s nothing can pierce institutional minds Afterthought: 1. In a ‘society’ with so many issues and fantasies, it’s a good idea / best possible outcome to have boundaries, and an Island of Sanity.… Continue reading institutions, preconceptions and collective myths

Pathological Wealth – and solutions

#pathologicalwealth – a hashtag that was long overdue! A preamble to the video of Ethos Genesis Post-mechanisation,the production and distribution of basic needs is so simple that we should all be bored stiff. In fact, most people are too busy and exhausted due to the corrupting effects of pathological wealth of the few, and disinterest… Continue reading Pathological Wealth – and solutions

Protest votes in politics – best outcome: sociology psychology education

Elections in 21st century: 2016: Given that Trump and Clinton both serve the pathologically wealthy, who chose, in effect, both candidates, the best possible outcome to the protest votes, which have made Donald Duck the president of USA and exited Little England from the civilising and cooperative possibilities of Europe, is that the protest voters… Continue reading Protest votes in politics – best outcome: sociology psychology education

Individual freedom versus corporations

I asked my pal in Illinois why the area he lives in is so sparsely populated and yet Chicago (the nearest very big city) is bursting at the seams: “They move to the city for jobs, but … Even the city jobs are few. America isn’t what the rest of the world envisions it to… Continue reading Individual freedom versus corporations

Inequality in Europe as % of GDP

Consider Bulgaria and Germany: EU’s highest and lowest GDP per capita regions (updated 2015) The great inequality of regions persists as local GDP per capita varies significantly. Inner London (West) in the United Kingdom (580% of the average), the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (264%), Hamburg in Germany (206%) Bruxelles/Brussel in Belgium (205%) and Bratislava in… Continue reading Inequality in Europe as % of GDP

Capital in 21st Century – Piketty

Imagine:  education, hope, psychology and sharing in the global economy An excellent book, and I hope it gives me a complete picture of what is really going on in the world of money and business, and the bloody corporate matrix. I refer of course to Thomas Piketty -Capital in the Twenty-First Century a book based… Continue reading Capital in 21st Century – Piketty

Inherited wealth – Jens Beckert

Now available on offer at $35.58 in paperback format, this sociological study of wealth across the generations is a useful introduction for those of us that didn’t begin life in a castle! THE CONTENTS: ACKNOWLEDGMENTS vii Chapter 1: Introduction 1 1.1 Inheritance and Modern Society 1 1.2 Social Dimensions of Inheritance Law 12 Chapter 2:… Continue reading Inherited wealth – Jens Beckert

values and politics

An election is due, ‘Family Values,’ (John Major) Before bedding another, was it two years or greater? Then ‘I didn’t love her. My greatest regret’ His absence of love makes it better? You bet politicians lying – the hall of shame   Jonathan Aitken, the pride of the Right Chin raised like a martyr to… Continue reading values and politics

Politics for a mature species …

Protecting the working class from the pathologically wealthy (the 1%) is a fairly obvious political goal, but having seen several people switch camps (first 1% to the other 1%, and vice versa) due to their changing circumstances, the rational conclusion is that human nature is vulnerable to both temptations, and is either unaware of its… Continue reading Politics for a mature species …

Bilderberg and Transparency

An excellent blog at the Guardian. It’s never clear how much of conspiracy theories are true. That’s exactly how conspirators like things to be! But when the group of the richest people and Transparency International USA have the same committee members any claim to democracy is farcical. Get the details from the Guardian bilderberg-2015-a-travesty-of-transparency  … Continue reading Bilderberg and Transparency