The roots of poverty in wealthy countries


one home
I can understand people squirreling away savings if they feel insecure. But if you own one house and have no debts, why worry?
The only way people can really BE secure is through social cohesion …
which means lending your neighbour a lawnmower, having infinite patience with alcoholics, and lead by example to demonstrate how life is better if you don’t throw all your cash at booze corporations, government taxes and drug/media induced unconsciousness.
child poverty in wealthy countries


Also involves taking an interest in your state and countries politics, while forging relationships across the world (VERY easy with social media).
The average wage is apparently about £400 a week (UK), and a large loaf of bread costs as little as 45 pence. Clearly poverty is engineered by those who monopolise land, real estate and the money supply, not by scarcity of the necessary goods.
The Paradise Papers are hopefully cementing this into the public consciousness. It is physically impossible for the majority to ever escape debt when the very wealthy take typically 5% interest OUT OF THE SYSTEM every year through interest.
Capital in 21st Century by Thomas Piketty remains the best reference.
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