Trump legacy – environmental disinterest


One demonstration of the exceptional maturity, responsibility and foresight of ex-president tRump is a comparison of the number of electric buses (mostly now powered by renewable energy sources) in USA and China.


China has about 400,000

Europe 4,000

USA had 450 at the end of 2019

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One very clear message from the Covid-19 lockdowns around the world is that with 95% of traffic off the roads – all the essentials remained operational.

The notion that everyone should travel everywhere in a private car is disastrous – consumerism being the (seemingly unconscious) functional religion of the western world …


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  1. The disastrous elections, both USA and UK, 4 years ago, were very narrow margins, Brexit too.

    Does this mean we’re on the brink of opportunity?
    HOPE for 2021… Beyond 2 party nonsense, respect for education

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