upper legs and core muscle health

Floor-based simple exercises to do at home, anytime, that benefit posture and abdominal muscle health in about 2 minutes!


As well as these it is extremely beneficial for abdominal health to have the habit of walking every day. Autonomous (involuntary) muscles support our internal organs when we are moving around. Some of these muscles cannot be exercised using weights …


Based on Pilates exercise, these are variations that are more active (aerobic) and can easily fit into a busy day.


  1. lie on tummy and raise one leg up and down – as many times as is comfortable.
  2. lying on one side, raise upper leg upwards, as it comes down lift the lower leg upwards in front of the descending leg.
  3. Repeat – lying on your other side.
  4. lying on your back – raise one leg (straight) upwards, as it descends raise the other leg. Continue until you feel some benefit.

You could do many sets if you feel so inclined, but the HABIT of regularly doing one set preserves health, muscle mass, flexibility …

When you do have plenty of time … there’s always the full Pilates routine to enjoy. A timely video devised by the NHS for people having to spend even more time in their own home than usual (during COVID-19)


To gain full health benefits from varied exercise, we also need a diet of healthy food.

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