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“A stupid man will get understanding when a wild donkey gives birth to a man”

A quote from the English Bible, Job chapter 11, verse 12

biblical wisdom meets satire - donkey

Especially for Remulak (aka Anonymous). My response to your insightful comments regarding President Trumpet – the western world’s icon of self-knowledge, empathy, consciousness and other fake news.


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  1. Whatever happened to that Remulak fellow? ~~More bad news for the U.S. A liberal Supreme Court Justice has died. Idiot Trump will try to appoint some conservative loon. Fortunately Democrats control the House and can keep his choice from being too much of a loon. Still, conservatives will now be the majority on the court and that will have the U.S. circling the drain even faster than it is now. It’s no wonder that America has such a severe illegal and legal drug epidemic going on.

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