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Eat yourself healthy - Michael Greger MD's Daily Dozen
The book 'How Not To Die' (prematurely!) by Dr Michael Greger is a gold mine of scientific nutritional facts, organised in categories of man-made diseases that they either treat or aggravate. The good news for busy people is that the conclusions, in the form of best-practice for a healthy lifestyle, are summarised in 12 simple items to eat (most) days. I encourage anyone to read the book,

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grass carp farming
I've always liked pasture, especially with real, native, mixed species hedgerows and the occasional mature native tree in the field. There's lots of beef and sheep farming hereabouts (North Cornwall), which is fine, but: a. In an overpopulated world, 500 lbs of of meat per acre every other year seems a small crop; b. Small farms are failing, because the profit per acre is miniscule with large

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DIY projects education for children
TED Resident Fawn Qiu designs fun, low-cost projects that use familiar materials like paper and fabric to introduce engineering to kids. In this quick, clever talk, she shares how nontraditional workshops like hers can change the perception of technology and inspire students to participate in creating it.  easy_diy_projects_for_kid_engineers   Educational video to inspire creative

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corporate politics - presidential auctions
I was tempted to title this 'Corporate Democracy', but that would be such a glaring oxymoron. It is frustrating to witness the 'relatively' poor people of the world beating each other to death over whether to vote for Trump or Clinton in the 2nd $billion + US presidential auction. Both candidates are representing corporate interests, and a system that is in debt to a handful of

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How immigrant voices make democracy stronger
In politics, representation matters — and that's why we should elect leaders who reflect their country's diversity and embrace its multicultural tapestry, says Sayu Bhojwani. Through her own story of becoming an American citizen, the immigration scholar reveals how her love and dedication to her country turned into a driving force for political change "We have fought to be here," she

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Schools Kill Creativity - the remedy ...
Sir Ken Robinson makes an entertaining and profoundly moving case for creating an education system that nurtures (rather than undermines) creativity. e.g. World Class ballerina (incapable of thinking without moving) was nearly labelled 'problem student'. She was one of the very few lucky ones that met a education 'professional' that was awake. Related: books, creativity, documentary,

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Mystical experience following a stroke - jill bolte taylor's stroke of insight
Excellent video on consciousness, and the 2 sides of our brain: Neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor had an opportunity few brain scientists would wish for: One morning, she realized she was having a massive stroke.  As it happened -- as she felt her brain functions slip away one by one, speech, movement, understanding -- she studied and remembered every moment.  This is a powerful story about

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Capital for 21st Century
Imagine:  education, hope, psychology and sharing in the global economy An excellent book, and I hope it gives me a complete picture of what is really going on in the world of money and business, and the bloody corporate matrix. I refer of course to Thomas Piketty -Capital in the Twenty-First Century  a book based on facts, to counter the nonsense spoken by vested interests. Very

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Allotment Gardening - organic guide
Full title: Allotment Gardening - An organic guide for beginners, by Susan Berger. After 40+ years I hope I'm not a beginner, but this fine book certainly brings me up to date, and has useful sections on rotations, improving the soil and producing your own compost (either in a bin, or by using green manures to keep the minerals from washing away and feeding the worms and bacteria with fresh

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Grow Your Own Fruit - Carol Klein
Grow Your Own Fruit is published by the RHS (Royal Horticultural society), and covers all aspects of choosing, propagating and protecting your fruit garden. # Hardcover: 224 pages # Publisher: Mitchell Beazley; 1st Edition edition (5 Jan 2009) # Language English # ISBN-10: 1845334345 # ISBN-13: 978-1845334345 Nearly every purchaser has given the book 5 stars, so there! I have a

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obscene wealth inequality
Several news reports today highlight the growing domination of wealth, power and economic/banking control by the few. The Oxfam plea:  "Oxfam calls on governments to take action to reverse this trend. It wants workers paid a living wage and the gap with executive rewards to be narrowed. It calls for an end to the gender pay gap, compensation for unpaid care and the promotion of equal land

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The Book of Dave - Will Self
The Book of Dave - Will Self Imagine a biblical Job transported to the 1990s and working as a cabbie. Imagine him driven into psychosis and recording all his racist, misogynist ranting in a notebook – which centuries later becomes the religious tract of the few surviving families amid the flood waters of what remains of London. Their principal source of meat sounds like a hybrid of pigs,

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Funny Fiction / Stories - Terry Pratchett
Witches Abroad - Terry Pratchett Hardback book in fair condition (perfect read, worn cover). The target of Terry Pratchett's choice for this story is the ubiquitous happy ending. A fairy godmother dies and the witches find themselves carrying out her last wishes (whilst trying to find the hidden magic wand). The magical wand is left, to the disgust of the other two, to Magrat, with

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Essential Guide to Yoga
Essential Guide to Yoga by Penny Smith; with Howard Napper. A fine health and exercise DVD to use at home. A nicely paced DVD (a bit of a gallop the first time, not so slow that the 500th view leaves you bored!).  Having 'forgotten' about yoga for years, it's amazed me rediscover that a whole hour can be spent 'exercising' and leave you feeling less tired.  An hour with no phone calls, no

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Psychology - The Science of Mind and Behaviour
By Richard Gross . This fourth edition is an introduction to psychology that adopts a modular approach that is in line with significant recent developments.  The text has been revised and updated, featuring chapters on health psychology, criminological psychology and social psychology of sport, with new topics including parapsychology and substance abuse.  The comprehensive, up-to-date

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Stone Gods Jeanette Winterson
I read this novel three times in a fortnight, so it surely qualifies as one of the most engaging novels I've recently found. It is partly a contemporary and near-future satire of consumerism (particularly sexual), space exploration, robots, the media as non-elected government, environmental destruction, the individual versus the system, techno-information and computerised impersonal policing.

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Your Baby and Child - Penelope Leach
Highly recommended by my sister, in the vain hope that the resolutely ignorant might read it ... or read anything. The average review on Amazon is well over 4 (out of 5) and there's a 36% reduction in price at present (July 2013). In the 21st century we know a child's psychological development and well-being is just as important as any physical need. Here Penelope Leach brings together

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Inherited wealth - Jens Beckert
Now available on offer at $35.58 in paperback format, this sociological study of wealth across the generations is a useful introduction for those of us that didn't begin life in a castle! THE CONTENTS: ACKNOWLEDGMENTS vii Chapter 1: Introduction 1 1.1 Inheritance and Modern Society 1 1.2 Social Dimensions of Inheritance Law 12 Chapter 2: The Right to Bequeath: Testamentary Freedom and the

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Major health diet threat to US citizens
And to most of the western world! Imagine a terrorist plot to trick the Brazilian government (through bribes, promises and corporate/political trickery) into cutting down and burning the Amazon rainforests in order to graze cattle and trick the poor American people into eating high fat, high protein, very high sugar junk several times a day. Imagine spending billions of dollars each year on

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optimum food for free range hens - sprouting wheat for vitamins
It is clear to me, having kept 'free range' hens, that layers pellets are not the only food they need or like. They clearly like grass, especially young short shoots, but in the winter the grass either doesn't grow here (Cornwall) or it is drowned and the hens turn the whole plot to mud if they have access. I also feed mixed poultry corn: 90% wheat and 10 % maize, but several facts have led to

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Food for Free - Richard Mabey
Food for Free - Richard Mabey In good condition for its age. Paperback. In 1972 Richard Mabey wrote the seminal book “Food for Free,” recently re-released in a revised version.  Sadly the new version is not as good as some of the imitators that have emerged since.  Many of the illustrations are completely redundant - rolling hills to illustrate autumn, for example.  All we really want is

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