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🌄 IDEALS - democracy, kindness, social media for good, best possible outcome, lead by example, positive mental attitude 🎨

IDEALS - best democracy , kindness , social media for good , always seeking the best possible outcome , lead by example as individual and community , positive mental attitude in challenging times (e.g. Climate Change )

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🙌⌨️ kindness and empathy in children's education
🧐:       children,   education,   empathy,   IDEALS,   kindness,   KNOWLEDGE,   wisdom and quotes,  

🙌⌨️ Democracy and money. Education and SocialMedia enable poor people
🧐:       democracy,   education,   IDEALS,   institutional mind,   KNOWLEDGE,   social media for good,  

🙌⌨️ corporate politics - presidential auctions
🧐:       being,   books,   CONSCIOUS,   consciousness,   corporations,   CREATIVE,   creativity,   DARKNESS,   debt,   democracy,   IDEALS,   KNOWLEDGE,   politics,   psychology,  

🙌⌨️ global patriotism / community
🧐:       community,   DARKNESS,   democracy,   empathy,   freedom,   IDEALS,   kindness,   matrix,   pathological wealth,   positive mental attitude,  

🙌⌨️ Pathological Wealth - and solutions
🧐:       bullying,   consumerism,   DARKNESS,   debt,   democracy,   denial,   education,   good news,   grow your own,   IDEALS,   inherited wealth,   KNOWLEDGE,   lead by example,   lifelong debt,   love,   pathological wealth,   social media for good,  

🙌⌨️ Inherited wealth - Jens Beckert
🧐:       books,   capital,   DARKNESS,   democracy,   IDEALS,   inherited wealth,   KNOWLEDGE,   most popular,   pathological wealth,   politics,   reinventing slavery,   sociology,  

🙌⌨️ Capitalism: A Love Story
🧐:       banking,   DARKNESS,   debt,   democracy,   IDEALS,   inherited wealth,   lifelong debt,   love,   pathological wealth,   reinventing slavery,  

🙌⌨️ more wealth = less empathy
🧐:       DARKNESS,   empathy,   IDEALS,   inherited wealth,   kindness,   KNOWLEDGE,   most popular,   motivation,   pathological wealth,   popular science,   poverty,   psychology,   selfcare,   sociology,  

🙌⌨️ wholeness implies simplicity implies wholeness
🧐:       conservation,   empathy,   harmony,   IDEALS,   kindness,   peace,   self knowledge,   sustainability,   WHOLENESS,   wildlife,   wisdom,   wisdom and quotes,  

🙌⌨️ wholeness and imperfections v conformity
🧐:       IDEALS,   kindness,   KNOWLEDGE,   psychology,   WHOLENESS,   wisdom,   wisdom and quotes,  

🙌⌨️ arts, hope and the best possible outcome
🧐:       art,   art therapy,   best possible outcome,   hope,   IDEALS,   imagery,   KNOWLEDGE,   meaningful poems,   WHOLENESS,   wisdom,   wisdom and quotes,  

🙌⌨️ Beyond creativity, crafts and hobbies (but dont stop!)
🧐:       best possible outcome,   CREATIVE,   creativity,   hobbies,   hope,   IDEALS,   KNOWLEDGE,   lead by example,   psychology,   selfcare,   spirit,   WHOLENESS,   wisdom,   wisdom and quotes,  


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