🦉 Conscious wholeness and creative freedom in modern life 🌄

🚴 WELLBEING - self-care, exercise, healthy food, longevity 🦉

🌄 WELLBEING education and encouragement through self-care, exercise, healthy food. Promoting vital longevity 🎨

WELLBEING - Promoting self-care through positive habits and education in exercise and healthy food. Encouraging a healthy fulfilling life and longevity.

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🙌⌨️ Imagination and creative freedom
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🙌⌨️ Eating disorder IS hunger, but … which food?
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🙌⌨️ Social media for good beats advertising for HealthyFood
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🙌⌨️ Fat content of nuts and seeds
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🙌⌨️ Contagious Wellness – An Ongoing Awakening
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🙌⌨️ organics, soul and planet
🧐:       IDEALS,   WELLBEING,   Biodiversity,   Education,   Healthy Food,   Hope,   Lead By Example,   vote with your wallet,   Wildlife,  

🙌⌨️ optimum exercise for middle age
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🙌⌨️ Quick route to fitness, health: exercise
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🙌⌨️ Vitamins and Minerals Overview healthy food education from the Open University
🧐:       WELLBEING,   WHOLENESS,   Documentary,   Education,   Healthy Food,   Hope,   longevity,   Popular Science,   vitamins,  

🙌⌨️ Imagining a lifestyle, as if Planet Earth really matters
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🙌⌨️ nutrition on a budget – healthy food beans
🧐:       KNOWLEDGE,   WELLBEING,   diabetes,   Education,   Healthy Food,   poverty,  

🙌⌨️ Consumerism and loss of soul
🧐:       KNOWLEDGE,   WELLBEING,   WHOLENESS,   Consumerism,   Freedom,   Self Sufficiency,   wisdom and quotes,  

🙌⌨️ listing to starboard
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🙌⌨️ creative imagination and wellbeing
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🙌⌨️ obscene wealth inequality
🧐:       DARKNESS,   WELLBEING,   Advertising,   Books,   Consumerism,   Inherited Wealth,   Pathological Wealth,   poverty,   Reinventing Slavery,  

🙌⌨️ Life is a Journey
🧐:       IDEALS,   WELLBEING,   WHOLENESS,   Being,   Exercise,   Healthy Food,   here and now,   positive mental attitude,   wisdom and quotes,  

🙌⌨️ aging might be optional – selfcare and healthy food
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🙌⌨️ eating healthy on a budget
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