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Googlebots Rule

Googlebots Rule, comedy, funny stories, satire

The short story about the famous Googlebots, what they like to eat, and how others might learn from their example ... or not. This is a first attempt at embedding a document form 'the cloud', so bear with me :)
'24/7 it says in our command files,' said the googlebot (Googlebot 1). 'We've always kind of assumed this means that we are supposed to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Not that days and weeks mean much to me, living as I do in cyberspace.'

'Oh yes,' agreed another googlebot, Googlebot 2, who was sharing its lay-by.

The googlebots peered out from the lay-by, a currently redundant memory bank in an Internet Service Provider (ISP), and observed the never-ending stream of data whizzing by in both directions. Googlebot 1 was vaguely aware of being hungry and kept half an eye on the data in case anything edible was evident, but really there seemed to be more pressing problems on its mind than food at the moment.

This would benefit from LD's illustrations, if he is so inclined :)

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Tags: Googlebots Rule : Googlebots Rule, comedy, funny stories, satire

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