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Funny Short Stories

funny fiction, humour, comedy, funny fantasy, allegory, whimsy

Funny Short Stories

The funny stories seem to be most popular, (except possibly satire!), so here's the list:

Updated 12th November 2012

The descriptive keywords are listed after each link

funny short stories, satire, homeless

The Lay-by of Sissyfoot
funny short stories, satire, landlords

Scarborough Fair story
funny short stories, humour

Aliens Short Stories - Funny Business Satire
funny short stories, commerce, satire

Puberty Nick
funny short stories, family dynamics, contrariness, psychology

Astral Travels to Planet Meeja
funny short stories, social engineering

Pest Food, comedy, satire
funny short stories, comedy, satire, estate agents, vampires

Malice In Numberland
funny short stories

Mr. Creepy - neighbourhood creep
funny short stories,

The Peoples Republic of Thursleydale
funny short stories, satire, funny, plays on words,

R. Sole esq. - road rage story
funny short stories, satire, road rage, psychology, violence

ninety seven, ninety sex, oops
funny short stories, comedy, mathematics,

Funny fantasy - The Dire Tribe
funny short stories, fantasy, comedy, illustrated stories,

The Compact Tea Leaf Reader - short story
funny short stories, aliens, comedy, geeks, parody, mystics,

Sigmundina Freud - bosom envy
funny short stories, Sigmundina Freud,comedy, satire, psychology, spoof, envy

Steam Irony - short story satire
funny short stories, irony, satire, comedy

Procrastination, funny short story
funny short stories, procrastination

The Browsers Indigestion - humorous inventors
funny short stories, eccentric, inventors, satire

Institutional Life - comedy short story
funny short stories, Institutions, satire, comedy

Googlebots Rule
funny short stories, comedy, satire, googlebot

Diligent Dayv - Postman to President - funny stories
funny short stories, satire, President, politics, psychology

The Freemasons Secret Handshake
funny short stories, Secrets, satire, societies, illustrated stories

King Arthur of Cameldung and his fabled Sword, Expeditor
funny short stories, Arthurian, politics, corruption, Excalibur

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Short Stories: funny, satire, meaningful, comedy; psychology, sociology, corporations

Tags: Funny Short Stories : funny fiction, humour, comedy, funny fantasy, allegory, whimsy

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