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🌄 Structured learning that produces a fuller understanding of our world and ourselves. 🎨

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🌄 institutions, preconceptions and collective myths
🧐 labels:       education,   good news,   institutional mind,   islands of sanity,   meaningful poems,   open minds,   poems,   psychology,  

🌄 Capital in 21st Century - Piketty
🧐 labels:       books,   economics,   education,   freedom,   hope,   pathological wealth,   psychology,   reinventing slavery,  

🌄 psychology, consciousness, ego in very young children
🧐 labels:       being,   children,   consciousness,   education,   institutional mind,   popular science,   psychology,  

🌄 Learning to play guitar - #1
🧐 labels:       creativity,   education,   guitar,   music,  

🌄 fiction - career choices on leaving school
🧐 labels:       debt,   education,   fiction,   freedom,   funny,   hope,   housing,   lifelong debt,   pathological wealth,   politics,   satire,   selfcare,   short satire stories,  

🌄 European renaissance and the Philosophy of Hermes
🧐 labels:       creativity,   education,   Hermes,   individual,   philosophy,   psychology,   self knowledge,   wholeness,   wisdom,   wisdom and quotes,  


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