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🙌⌨️ global patriotism / community
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🙌⌨️ The roots of poverty in wealthy countries
🧐:       CONSCIOUS,   consciousness,   DARKNESS,   debt,   education,   freedom,   inherited wealth,   KNOWLEDGE,   lead by example,   lifelong debt,   paradise,   pathological wealth,   reinventing slavery,   Social media,   social media for good,   TedTalks,  

🙌⌨️ healthy diet and poverty
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🙌⌨️ Capital in 21st Century - Piketty
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🙌⌨️ quotes to inspire
🧐:       freedom,   here and now,   KNOWLEDGE,   psychology,   quotes,   WHOLENESS,   wisdom,   wisdom and quotes,  

🙌⌨️ easy steps to freedom
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