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November 2011 nature videos

nature photography, video, Cornwall,

Red Devon Bull

A fine looking bull in North Cornwall, 20th November 2011. Our local Waitrose supermarket has recently arranged to sell this local breed of beef.

Shaggy Pony

A tiny pony enjoying the unseasonal weather (16C in mid November). the North Cornwall coast is on the horizon.

Summer in November 2011

16C in mid November; 13C on 20th November 2011. This time last year there was ice on the ground ... and it stayed for 3 months.

The Rooks are very confused - the males battling each other and nest building imminent.

sparrows and bluetit

sparrows and blue tit singing in the hedgerow. Many birds are thinking of nesting, because November is so unnaturally warm (16C on the 13th November; 13C on the 20th).

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