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Flowers in Pasture

flowers, nature photography, gardens

Clover, Trefoil, Buttercups

photos of wild flowers easily overlooked in farmland pasture. This farm qualifies as a nature reserve, and the neighbouring farm has an unspoilt stream that is a reserve for grass snakes.

Some folks, maybe in Manhattan, might think a meadow contains grass; rye grass nowadays. Or, if they watch cable TV nature programs, grass and clover.

Happily, this local field hasn't been ploughed up or reseeded for decades, and it shows:

crimson clover

crimson clover

clover, buttercups, yellow trefoil

clover, buttercups, yellow trefoil

yellow trefoil and white clover

yellow trefoil and white clover

Being a certified eccentric, I've added both the yellow trefoil and crimson clover to my new flower garden! The common white clover has already invaded under its own steam :)

Spring Wild Flowers of Britain & Ireland

wild flowers you can find in the Spring in Britain & Ireland, together with their common and scientific names.

Cast in order of appearance: Bluebell, Cowslip, Early Purple Orchid, Lesser Celandine, Red Campion, Ramsons, Primrose, Wood-sorrel, Butterber, Bugle, Coltsfoot, Lady's Smock, Wood Anenome, Marsh Marigold, Dog Violet, Wild Daffodil.

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